Because I Love Them. PERIOD

Biases in every group. Everyone has them right?

I mean  you can like all of them but there has to be someone that stands out in the group.

NOTE: Sometimes Dorkiness adds points.

Now these are both jpop and kpop groups:

KPOP Groups:

1.) CL (2NE1)– Explained in one of my previous posts. Don’t have to explain further. And I was actually drawn to her creative sense of style.

Though when it comes to dorkiness, Dara outshines CL-Roo with her witty antics.

2.) HeeChul (Super Junior)– The one and only Cinderella of SuJu. His antics never fail to amuse me. But I had a hard time choosing between him and LeeTeuk who’s personality is also interesting.

No doubt, Heesica Heechul is the most beautiful Suju member.

3.) JaeJoong (DBSK)– Whoo~ This was hard. YunJae was always a package. I had a hard time choosing between the both of them. But of course, Jaejoong won because of his so-called cuteness. I even remembered KHJ calling him the effeminate one. And he’s clumsy too!! xD

4.) TOP (BigBang)– This quiet young man’s dorky moments are rare so I treasure each and one ’em. He’s usually dorky only when he’s with the BB boys. I like him for being quiet and unpredictably dorky.

5.) TaeYeon (SNSD)– I know that I also explained it in a previous post but I’m gonna add something that I forgot to put in my previous blog. I can actually relate to this dorky little creature. She’s actually quiet which actually contradicts her witty self in variety shows. I’m also introverted myself. I know it’s a bad thing not to show your true self but I think she has the right to hide her thoughts. Right?

I don't have to explain over and over again why I like her. *DORK*

6.) SunYe (WG)– I know, I have a thing for girl leaders.  But from my three biases, I think SunYe stands out because of her good personality. Her motherly image is even on par with TaeYeon’s because of her love for her co-members (Ummas FTW?). And after Mimi’s departure, I think she was the one who was deeply affected. And of course, she’s a family person meaning she cares for her family very much.

Yep. This is our Min Leader for you.

Jpop Groups:

1.) Yamapi (News)– I am also a sucker for guys with Soul-less eyes (TOP and JaeJoong) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) is one of them. Although I also had a hard time choosing between him and Tegoshi (Mecha-kawaii!!!) And he’s a Kim HyunJoong look-a-like too (AlthoughI love KHJ but I don’t like ss501).

Yamapi's stare *Swoon*

2.) Koharu-chan (MoMusu)– Explained in a previous blog. But Kawaii~ Kawaii~ Koha-chan is not part of MoMusu anymore.

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

3.) Nino (Arashi)– Itooshi~ Itooshi Nino-kuun~ is my favorite. ‘Coz MatsuJun is already taken by one of my friends. But Nino kun is equally good looking so I chose him over Matsujun.


4.) Kimutaku (SMAP)– The first SMAP member that I remembered. Although I love all of ’em, Kimura Takuya stands out to me the most. Although he’s quite old now, he’s still as dashing as ever (Kinda like KangTa? Lolz).

Kawaii ne?

5.) Jin (Kat Tun)– Another hard one. This time it’s Jinjin versus Kame but I’ve decided that my friend (The same friend that liked Mastujun) and I would share Kame with her and that Jin jin would be mine.

Sekushii~ No?

I still like the others though (some of ’em, perhaps) but these are the ones that have really caught my picky taste in favorites. Although some of the reasons are quite lame, I don’t care. All I know is that I LIKE THEM.



YG… You have Impressed Me Again w/ 2 MVs….

2NE1’s TRY TO FOLLOW ME MV… Yes..It’s Try to Follow me… Not Copy me…

The girls have shown their choreographic prowess…

Fave parts: Vader Dara chasing storm troopers CL and Minzy and everything w/ CL on it….

❤ the Star Wars Hat… Esp. the R2D2 one….

BIGBANG’s Lollipop 2 MV

Not as good as the first one (Maybe ‘coz 2NE1 was on it) but it’s okay…

Good to see T.O.P. dancing….. xD

And the Lollipop girl’s kinda pretty… (At first, I thought it was F(x)’s Sulli ‘coz of the hair…)

YG… You’re the hippest boss evarr…. Hands down…

And now, waiting for the ‘Black Soshi’ MV to be released on MArch 18…..


2NE1 Samsung Corby F CF: So This Was the MV That I Was Waiting For Huh?

On a previous post, I talked about 2NE1’s new song: Try to copy me (or Try to follow what I’m doing like others say).

I thought they were gonna make a new comeback song and compete with SNSD…. Again… Tsk…

But I was wrong…. The song was for  a CF (see video for more details).

And I said I was gonna wait for the MV of the song so this is it folks. The MV for Try to Copy Me.

CL is soo freakin’ CUTEE~ in this CF… And usually, you associate her with being bad-ass instead of cute…^^

Dara is dorky… As usual…^^

Can’t wait for their REAL comeback on April…^^


New Single: Try To Copy Me (2NE1)

2NE1’s comeback song??

Not as good as the previous songs they released…

But as I keep on listening to it, the beat became stuck in my head…

Looks like we have another competiton Sonyuhs…

This song is soo Jjang!!

I’ll be looking forward to the MV of this song..^^


Dara May Not Be a Good Singer…

Pambansang Krung2x

but I really like how she puts effort on the parts she sings.. And she does not do lipsynch…

And I think she sings better compared to YoonA of SNSD and SoHee of WG

And some SNSD members…

And she’s a DORK.. I love DORKS….

She always takes time to communicate with the blackjacks through her cute Me2day updates…

And she misses/loves the Philippines.. I’m a FILIPINO and I am proud that Dara is proud to be once part of the Philippine showbiz industry…

She’s definitely on my appreciation list…

Dara Unnie!! Fighting!!


If I Were To Rank SNSD, 2NE1 & WG’s Member Vocal Abilities….

It would be like this…

1. Bom– Yes. Bomtori, for me, has the best vocals among the girls. She has the strongest voice too in my opinion.

My fave perf…

You and I perf on Inkigayo…. She also sings the best when it comes to live performances.

Her version of We Ride….

2. TaeYeon– TaeTae!! You’re one of my favorite girls. But you’re just number two on my list. Her voice is also strong but sometimes, when I listen to her song, I fear that she can’t reach the notes but I feel relieved every time she hits the note right. Like what I said in my previous post, she send chills down my spine and her voice is so soothing. There are also times when I accuse her of lipsynching because her voice sounds the same when she sings live and she lipsynchs.

My favorite cover…

YounHa’s Gida Rida…. Ahhh….. So soothing…

My favorite part Genie (Tell me your wish)…. TaeYeon’s Adlib…

This is the perf where I thought she lipsynched…

3. YeEun– The one with best vocals in WG!! She can reach the high notes well and She and Daesung is the perfect match when comes to vocals (Wonder Bang FTW!!).

YeEun….. You’re killing me softly with your voice….

4. SunYe- She’s the second best for me. But she’s a great leader though her vocals are just secon

5. Minji- She can SING people. Rapping and Dancing is not her only talent.

Check out this perf with Lee Seung Chul… She totally owned in this performance…

6. CL- The same with Minki-baby…. She can sing too!!! See the video above for sample performance.

7.  Tiffany- She’s SNSD’s second best because her voice is also strong but not as soothing as TaeTae’s. I like her song ‘By Myself’ though…

8. Sunny- Strong voice. No wonder she’s part of SNSD’s best 5 when it comes to vocals

9.  Jessica- Her singing is quite good too. But only if can make her voice much stronger then she would go higher on my list.

10. SunMi- Not the best when it comes to vocals but she can sing.

11. SeoHyun- Maknae has a sweet voice and I like it.

12. Dara- She can sing much better compared to some SNSD members (SONES don’t kill me!!)

13. SooYoung

14. Yuri

15. HyoYeon

Those three are the best when it comes to dancing in SNSD. Their singing abilities? Well, I think they passed but really not that good.

16. Yoobin- She’d better stick to rapping. That’s her forte.

17. SoHee- Don’ ask…

18. Yoona- Don’t ask…

The italicized names are interchangeable… I can’t really identify which them has the better voice…

If you noticed that only the top three has videos. That is because I’m biased on my top three when it comes to vocals. I lurve their voices.

And I put a video on Minki-baby’s part because some people are not convinced that she can sing.

Maybe I should do one for the dancing rankings??


My 2NE1 Member Rankings…

After doing an SNSD version, I decided that I’ll also do one for 2NE1 and WG. And my favorite boy groups as well, if I still have time ‘coz I still have to focus on studying for my midterms.

Like what I said before… Rankings may change.. Except for number one…. And no reasons posted except for the top three… ‘coz I don’t want the fans of number four to bash me….

1. Lee “CL” Chaerin

  • She is Korea’s best and baddest girl rapper. She also has a good sense of style and she is a very charismatic leader like what the other blackjacks say about her. She’s also one of the youngest in the group but she’s more mature than the two eldest.  I love you Chaerin-ahh~

2. Gong “Minzy” Minji

  • The sweet Maknae of the group. She’s also a good rapper and the BEST dancer in the group and I love her because of that.

3. Park Bom

  • The girl with the best vocals in the group. I love her dorkiness and her love for food.

And last….

4. Park “Dara” Sandara

  • Ssantoki is also dorky.. And I like her for that… But………*cuts off*