Watching Anything Made by Clamp Drives Me Crazy

Clamp in Wonderland: Clamp OVERLOAD

Well, not really… I love clamp and I’ve been watching clamp-made animes since I was 9 years old. My very first was Magic Knights Rayearth but I really didn’t care about Clamp about that time (I was still a little kid… Didn’t really care that much at that time).

If you’re wondering why I’m posting something about Clamp right now, I have four reasons: (1.) I just feel like doing it because ‘coz I’m bored (2.) One of my friends started to become “obsessed (?)” with Clamp (3.) I just like posting something about one my favorite mangakas and (4.) I want to cover up what I posted before this….

My obsession with Clamp probably started the first time I saw CCS…

As we, anime-lovers know, Clamp’s themes are usually mixed with themes like Shounen-ai/ Shojo-ai (e.g. KuroganexFai, WatanukixDoumeki, KamuixFuuma..) but I don’t really mind about it. As long as the pairing are canon. But they also include explicit themes like incest and adultery which is somewhat disturbing but that what makes Clamp’s creation unique from other mangakas. And I also noticed how some their characters usually lost their eye or something like that…

I love their crossovers especially TRC. I loved how they integrated the other characters form different Clamp series into the main plot of the story. But I will be very surprised if they try to fit Suzaku ang Lelouch in but still, it would be interesting what roles are they gonna get in the story.

Another news about Clamp is  about them making a character design for Tekken, my favorite arcade game. Now that’s what I call EPIC.

Maybe next time they can do character designs for NINTENDO. Now that is what we call DOUBLE EPIC.

Though I have not seen the Kobato anime yet. I’m still contemplating if I’ll watch it or not…



Coloring Manga Pages: A Good Way to Kill the Time (but is it a crime?)

I was bored and I’m in a bad case of artist’s (is there one?) block so I decided to color a few manga pages I saved in my computer.

I don’t know if it’s illegal to color manga pages. Is it a crime? damned copyright issues.

Well, I think it’s not considered as plagiarism not unless you claim that you drew those pictures. Spaz.

I use PhotoFiltre to color pics ‘coz  I’m not the good in Adobe photoshop when it comes to coloring manga pages. And I typed in my insights in the manga series that I have colored.

Untitled 1

A NaruSaku Moment? I don't think so...

I know this pic is kinda anti-NaruSaku but I did it anyway because I was happy that Naruto rejected Sakura’s confession (NaruHina all the way baby!). Well, this was the last Naruto chapter I have read and I have no idea if he really rejected Sakura or not. But I have to enjoy this while it lasts right?


Boy is he/she hawt!!!

I also colored this pic from Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero. This is Akira Shiraiishi, the bisexually hot guy (Well, he’s second best. No one can beat Nagihiko-sama) from the mentioned manga. I had difficulty coloring the hair because I don’t know what color to use. Coloring it is fun because I was string at his hot  bod— GOD! STOP ME! I SOUND LIKE A PEVERT!!!  Whew!

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

Ever since their first interaction in the manga, I have also liked Shin and Reira as a couple in Nana. Well, they’re only second compared to Nana and Ren and my running third would be Hachi and Nobu. It’s kinda frustrating that they would not be ending up together (I blame Takumi).  I chose this pic because it’s the only one perfect for my mood at that time. I was also listening to 2NE1’s version of say goodbye so I tweaked it a little and added a little text. Nana Rant: Why is Takumi ruining my favorite couples in Nana (My 2nd and 3rd), Screw him! He should have died instead and Ren should be the one alive because if there is no Ren, there would be no NanaXRen and that’s a big NO-NO!


Coffee anyone?

The last pic is the pic I used for my post below (full pic  found under this post). When I found out that Detective Conan is still on-going, it kinda ticked me off. Don’t tell me this show will not end and I will die old and I won’t see it ending? Puuhleeze!!! And I also used this pic as my avatar because I don’t know what pic to put in my profile.

Those were the pics I colored due to boredom. I know it’s not that nice because I’m still an amateur. I’m still having second thoughts on uploading them on my DevArt account because I’m scared of the fact that might be violating some law or rule due to copyright reasons.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, Nana, Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero and Detective Conan. They belong to their rightful owners. And the pics used were found in Manga Fox and