I Knew This Was Coming…

2PM's Leadja

JYP has declared that Jaebum of 2PM will not be comin back….

It shattered the hopes of the hottests waiting for him around the world…

Like I always say, I’m not really a big fan of 2PM but wirh all the hottests, waiting for him to come back.

I felt sorry for them…

A have some friends who are 2PM fans and they were saddened because their ‘pink grandpa’ is not coming back.

Poor JYP… How can he handle this situation. Not to mention  th SunMi leaving  WG issue. He’s receiving a lot of hate now.

But he should not have done that thing. Giving the hottests high hopes then shattering it after a few months. Maybe that’s what’s gonna happen ro SunMi

Now, there are mixed emotions: Anger, Sadness & Betrayal…

Is 2010 another bad year for Kpop?



Hankyung Oppa!! Don’t Quit SuJu!!

Oppa!! Don't leave SuJu!! You can do it!!

We love you!!

E.L.F. & Super Junior!! Fighting!!

13 +2 = 15 forever!!

I don’t want SuJu to end up like DBSK

Keep the Faith!! Tohoshinki and Super Junior!!

2009 Melon Awards: Somewhat Disappointing

SuJu has one award only... Hmmm.... And I thought that the Melon Awards was SM-biased?!

Instead of studying for my Prelim exam, I ended up watching the 2009 Melon Awards last night because I was anticipating for it like just like how I waited for the MAMA awards and I thought that the MAMA was not good.

But somehow.. I find the Melons a little disappointing…

I’m happy that SNSD won awards but I think 6 awards is just too much…

It made me think that the Melon awards is not SM-biased like the GDAs, it  was SNSD-biased…

I mean, come on! SuJu only won one (Top 10) award when sorry sorry was preferably the winner for the MV of the year instead of Gee.

And Shinee did not even win an award….

It was good that GDragon and DBSK won an award even though they were not present….

And about the girl group perf, it wold have been better there was a joint perf of the 4 groups.. I wanted to see 2ne1 and SNSD perform together but I didn’t get what I expected….

I also noticed that when SNSD won an award, Taeyeon was crying and Sooyoung and Tiffany didn’t hug her like they used to. And some members are distancing from her.. Did they have a fight or something? If it was a misunderstanding among the members, is it because of what Taeyeon said in a recent episode of strong heart? (See previous post) I hope they clear this up because I don’t want to see them like that.

The KidLid is Stepping Down [Updated]…

Is this the end?

I guess it’s not a rumor at all…

There was a rumor that in an upcoming episode of Strong Heart, Our dearest Kid Leader, Taeyeon will announce that she is stepping down as the leader of SNSD.

I thought it was just a rumor so I ignored it.

But when I visited allkpop, there was a news saying that Taengoo quitting as the leader is no rumor at all. She confirmed the news her self.

She said that it’s because of a certain incident in their dorm… Hmmm.. I wonder what happened… I think I smell a fight… I hope not…

If she’s quitting then who’ll replace this adorkable, one-of-a-kind leader?

I guess it’ll either be Fany or Sica… Or maybe Yoona…

Well at least she’s not quitting SNSD…

TAENGOO Hwaiiting!!!

Credits to Allkpop for the news


TAE YEON is still SNSD’s leader… Though they have decided that there will no longer be an official leader:

Here’s an excerpt from allkpop news about the incident that happened that has made an uproar among SNSD fans:

The incident was where the girls gathered together for a 5 minute talk / meeting. During this talk, everyone looked at her and asked her why she’s not talking with the rest of the group lately. They said, “What’s up with you?” Which caused Taeyeon to go to her room and start crying. Sooyoung went into Taeyeon’s room and wanted to console and talk to her. During this chat, Taeyeon said, “Ok, that’s it. SNSD will no longer have a leader.” When they shared this information with the rest of the girls, the girls all agreed and said that’s fine / cool. They already assumed as if the group were acting without an official leader anyways. Taeyeon then said to the audience, “I thought the girls were going to say… NO! Please still be our leader but they didn’t…” After she said that the audience had a big laugh. However, as they continued talking the members eventually said that Taeyeon should still be leader, but it seems she has a heavy burden on her shoulders as leader.

So, SNSD has no official leader and they will all act as one… Kinda like 2PM w/o Jae…

So this clears up the no-leader issue and I’m so relieved that there was no fight amongst the members…

My thoughts:

Well, when I first encountered Girls’ Generation, I thought that Jessica was the leader but then I found out that Taeyeon was the leader. She doesn’t act like a leader in the first place. That’s what I like about her. She doesn’t want other people to recognize her as the leader. She has the down-to-earth attitude that every leader should have and for that, my respect for her has become bigger and it has made me like SNSD more….

Confessions of an Atenista: I’m Supposed to be in My Class at This Very Moment. Why the Hell Am I Updating My Blog Right Now?!

I just did something stupid..*facepalm*

I hope my parents won’t be able read this post…

Or else I’m screwed…

This post is definitely the winner of the “Longest-title-I-made” award.

While I’m typing this, my English 17 class is going on… And I’m supposed to be attending it.. But I did’nt

I was afraid that I will not be allowed to attend the class because I am 20 Minutes LATE.

The story goes like this..

I forgot that today is Wednesday and this day is supposed to be wash day which means we are allowed to wear anything (Well, not really anything. Except for those provocative clothes.) and Wednesday is also my PE day so I am obliged to wear my PE uniform. I wore my school my school uniform and I also forgot my ID (Identification Card) so I had to go home. I was not able to attend my Biology 31 class because of that and when I arrived at the university, it was already 8:59 and my English class starts at 8:30. Afraid of being rejected, I decided to skip classes and here I am, right now, at the internet cafe typing this post.

I know, I did something stupid…

I was known as the girl who is always present in class. It’s not really my first time skipping classes but when I skip classes, I only do it when it’s urgent. Well, there are cases like I skipped class because I forgot my assignment and I did it because I had to attend my previous school’s Foundation Day (Note: This happened when I am already a college student. I never skipped classes when I was in high school). The problem of being a college student is that I tend to relax sometimes because I know that some teachers don’t really care if you attend or not. They’re just there to give the lessons. Because of that, I am quite relaxed because I know that I can skip a certain class because I know that my teacher won’t check my attendance. I have really nothing to worry about because I still have 5 absences left for my Filipino class and I think, 9 absences left for my Biology, English and Political Science class. I decided to skip my Pol Sci class because I don’t really like the teacher because he doesn’t deliver his lessons seriously. I want to try skipping it just this time.

I know I did something I’m about to regret but I promise, I won’t do this again.. I want to take my college life seriously..

I still have two classes left: My Math 01 and my PE class. I have to attend them as a responsible student of Xavier University. I deeply regretted what I did because I know that it’s wrong and I have no right to call my self an atenista because of my stupid mistake.

This is gonna be the LAST time I’m going to skip classes and I’ll make sure that I will be able to get good marks on the subjects that I missed.

Thanks for listening to my mumbo jumbos…


No RimaHiko Moment on Valentine’s? *Sulks*

And I expected for it to happen? Huhuhu... :'(

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Rimahiko being a canon couple. It seems that the valentine’s episode that I am expecting will not be possible anymore. I found this news on an author’s note of a certain fanfic writer.

Shugo Chara Party will end on January

It’s just a rumor so I’m still hoping that the said episode will air. I’m quite sure that Amu and Ikuto will end up together but I want Nagi and Rima to end up together so that I can die a happy death.

And about the latest manga chapter…

Don’t you think Rima is jealous because Nagi said Amu likes him more than she likes Kairi?

I love the exchange between the two jacks.. Very Funny.. I never expected Kairi to be awed by Nagihiko’s Awshumneshh… New Yaoi couple? Hmm… Maybe.. *Squeals*

2nd Semester, Blogging Status & A Few Rants


Guess I'll be drinking a lot of coffee from now on... *sigh*

Finally, it’s already the 2nd semester of my first year in college which means in a few months, it will finally be over (Well, technically not because I’m still a freshman).

But the sad part is, My schedule is LOADED so I will not be able to update my blog for a while… I guess…

And I have to exert extra effort for my Math 01 and my Biology class because by the looks of it, these subjects might cause my downfall.


And lately, I’ve been running out of blogging ideas. I don’t know what to type. Am I the lost member procrastinators’ club? And I also signed up in Fanfiction.net because I’m planning (And by planning, meaning not sure)  to write a fanfic because a friend challenged me to do one. Plus, to kill some time, I began coloring manga pages which will posted in my next entry.

I guess I’ll be away from my PC for a while and I’ll be spending my time studying .