Good Luck to My Mimi and Welcome to the Newest Member of WG

I'll surely miss this cute alien....

SunMi, My favorite Alien from WG, decided to quit and pursue her dreams of finishing her studies..

It’s quite sad but if she decided it, then I’ll give her my full support… Huhuhuhu.. Mimi~ I’ll miss this Dork….

I wish her nothing but the best… I hope her dreams of invading saving the earth will be achieved

And I hope she does come back as she finishes her studies because the Wonder Girls will never be the same without her…

The only alien who is obsessed with Taengoo the earth.. And by obsessed meaning she loves to save it… Not Invade it..

And welcome to the newest addition to the WonderGirls, Lim… She can’t replace Mimi but I hope that she’ll do great…^^



No RimaHiko Moment on Valentine’s? *Sulks*

And I expected for it to happen? Huhuhu... :'(

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Rimahiko being a canon couple. It seems that the valentine’s episode that I am expecting will not be possible anymore. I found this news on an author’s note of a certain fanfic writer.

Shugo Chara Party will end on January

It’s just a rumor so I’m still hoping that the said episode will air. I’m quite sure that Amu and Ikuto will end up together but I want Nagi and Rima to end up together so that I can die a happy death.

And about the latest manga chapter…

Don’t you think Rima is jealous because Nagi said Amu likes him more than she likes Kairi?

I love the exchange between the two jacks.. Very Funny.. I never expected Kairi to be awed by Nagihiko’s Awshumneshh… New Yaoi couple? Hmm… Maybe.. *Squeals*