Run DEVIL RUN!!! As in!!! NOW!!!


And also HyoYeon and Sunny…

But Soo is DEFINITELY a good rapper

And TAENG Stands out for me in the video (Taeganger here) Love all her singing parts….

This is still the Dance Version.. Will be looking forward to the Story Version…. (I’ll update this post when the story version is released).

Girls, you have left me BREATHLESS…..

Note: It’s a good thing Soshi released a song like this right? They should live up to their name: Girls’ Generation because they represent the girls of today. And this song promotes women empowerment (Which was brought to us by 2NE1 w/ their song I Don’t Care) so SoShi has definitely lived up to their name… Fighting!!!



SeoHyun and YongHwa are GETTING MARRIED? Not Jealous at all….

The next WGM couple

Our dearest CN Blue leader, Jung YongHwa is GETTING MARRIED? o.O

To our dearest SNSD maknae, SEOHYUN? o.O

Another SNSD member walks the isle?

The two of them are the next WGM couple…

And I’m absolutely, NOT jealous at ALL…^^

At least it’s to SEOHYUN, not to some other girls… My boy is in good hands…

But I heard that Seororo is known for being a MANHATER… She thinks that boys are gross and prefers SWEET POTATOES over them…

Good luck to YongWha… Hope He can change Maknae’s view on men….

Fighting!!! Saranghae, Jung Yong Hwa~

And Seo Ju Hyun~ Take care of him… Be a good wife… ;D


Super Show 2 on Manila: Hoping For the Impossible

Haaaaaowwww.... Aigoooooo~ Me likes too see tooooo~

Omona! And it’s confirmed too!!

Now I have a reason to ponder why Manila is the capital of the Philippines…

Life is soo unfair…..

SUPER JUNIOR is coming to the PHILIPPINES for their 2nd Asia Tour…

And I can’t see it ‘coz I don’t even live in Manila…. The capital… Tch!

When I heard about this last Friday, I didn’t believe the news at first because there was no confirmation from SME at that time… And the last knwn stop of the tour is on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…..


But then again, there are some things in life that are very out of reach…

The Lucky ELFs of Manila are gonna see them..*Sigh* Oh well… Envy will get me nowhere…. Good for them…..

Maybe I’ll see them 10 years later.. And I know that they will still be good-looking even on their mid or late thirties…

And I think Manila was just added in the tour… Sheesh SM, give these boys the rest they deserve….



2ne1 and SNSD special stage at the 2009 Melon Awards: Please Tell Me This Shizz Will Happen

Omo!! IssizTrue?!

Two of my favorite girl groups, 2ne1 and SNSD will have a special stage together.. With BEG and KARA..

OMG!! I loved their interaction beauty talk on Inkigayo.. and now, they will be performing on the same stage…

I wonder what’s in store for us kpop fans at the Melon Music Awards…

I enjoyed the MAMA awards but there was no SNSD there so if they’re gonna be there… the Melons will surely ROCK my SOCK….

But I’m still a loyal Wonder Generation fan though.. Wish the WG can attend the Melons but they can’t… They’re very busy in their US tour and they’ll be conquering UK next so they’re gonna be very busy.

2ne1 & SNSD Hwaiiting!!