Because I Love Them. PERIOD

Biases in every group. Everyone has them right?

I mean  you can like all of them but there has to be someone that stands out in the group.

NOTE: Sometimes Dorkiness adds points.

Now these are both jpop and kpop groups:

KPOP Groups:

1.) CL (2NE1)– Explained in one of my previous posts. Don’t have to explain further. And I was actually drawn to her creative sense of style.

Though when it comes to dorkiness, Dara outshines CL-Roo with her witty antics.

2.) HeeChul (Super Junior)– The one and only Cinderella of SuJu. His antics never fail to amuse me. But I had a hard time choosing between him and LeeTeuk who’s personality is also interesting.

No doubt, Heesica Heechul is the most beautiful Suju member.

3.) JaeJoong (DBSK)– Whoo~ This was hard. YunJae was always a package. I had a hard time choosing between the both of them. But of course, Jaejoong won because of his so-called cuteness. I even remembered KHJ calling him the effeminate one. And he’s clumsy too!! xD

4.) TOP (BigBang)– This quiet young man’s dorky moments are rare so I treasure each and one ’em. He’s usually dorky only when he’s with the BB boys. I like him for being quiet and unpredictably dorky.

5.) TaeYeon (SNSD)– I know that I also explained it in a previous post but I’m gonna add something that I forgot to put in my previous blog. I can actually relate to this dorky little creature. She’s actually quiet which actually contradicts her witty self in variety shows. I’m also introverted myself. I know it’s a bad thing not to show your true self but I think she has the right to hide her thoughts. Right?

I don't have to explain over and over again why I like her. *DORK*

6.) SunYe (WG)– I know, I have a thing for girl leaders.  But from my three biases, I think SunYe stands out because of her good personality. Her motherly image is even on par with TaeYeon’s because of her love for her co-members (Ummas FTW?). And after Mimi’s departure, I think she was the one who was deeply affected. And of course, she’s a family person meaning she cares for her family very much.

Yep. This is our Min Leader for you.

Jpop Groups:

1.) Yamapi (News)– I am also a sucker for guys with Soul-less eyes (TOP and JaeJoong) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) is one of them. Although I also had a hard time choosing between him and Tegoshi (Mecha-kawaii!!!) And he’s a Kim HyunJoong look-a-like too (AlthoughI love KHJ but I don’t like ss501).

Yamapi's stare *Swoon*

2.) Koharu-chan (MoMusu)– Explained in a previous blog. But Kawaii~ Kawaii~ Koha-chan is not part of MoMusu anymore.

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

3.) Nino (Arashi)– Itooshi~ Itooshi Nino-kuun~ is my favorite. ‘Coz MatsuJun is already taken by one of my friends. But Nino kun is equally good looking so I chose him over Matsujun.


4.) Kimutaku (SMAP)– The first SMAP member that I remembered. Although I love all of ’em, Kimura Takuya stands out to me the most. Although he’s quite old now, he’s still as dashing as ever (Kinda like KangTa? Lolz).

Kawaii ne?

5.) Jin (Kat Tun)– Another hard one. This time it’s Jinjin versus Kame but I’ve decided that my friend (The same friend that liked Mastujun) and I would share Kame with her and that Jin jin would be mine.

Sekushii~ No?

I still like the others though (some of ’em, perhaps) but these are the ones that have really caught my picky taste in favorites. Although some of the reasons are quite lame, I don’t care. All I know is that I LIKE THEM.



The So-Called ‘Truth’ about SoShi That Fans Must Know [Not an Anti Blog]

Taengoo says: YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!

SNSD is known for having a lot of ANTIs and Fans

As the saying goes…

Behind every successful group is a bunch of haters.

Look at Gaga and Bieber. They have loads of haters too. But they’re successful.

That was just an intro…

And this post is for all SNSD fans.

As we all know, the STANDers/SAFErs have this so-called ‘Truth’. I think a REAL Sowon (Sone) would know all about this so-called truth and he/she would still be a fan if even if he read all of the bad things said about SNSD.

I know.. I’ve been there before: STAND’s official website and a kpop news site called SHENYUEPOP. They almost shattered my established fandom for SNSD.

But, it didn’t happen. Because I found out what the ‘TRUTH’ really is.

That the girls are not perfect and they can make mistakes too. That Antis do not have the right to presume and to spread their so-called ‘black propaganda’ against SoShi (Like their so-called Hollywood Bowl Project ’09 which I think was a total failure. And last but not the least, both fans and Antis can be very shallow and that they should stop bashing each other.

Ever heard of the word, INDIFFERENCE? Dummies….

And for Fans, especially Newbies:

Please do know about the reasons why SNSD is hated. Your faith shall be tested. Let us see if you can survive as a Sowon.


then do come back to SOSHIFIED if your faith is not altered.


Nobody but TAENGOO can do it…. xD

Oldie but Goodie….

SooYoung tried so hard to reach Taeng’s high note in Kissing You…

Nobody can do that part best except TaeYeon…

Not even HeeChul, SunYe, SeungRi or Victoria can do that part perfectly (See Wonder Girls, Wonder Boys and F(x) Kissing you perfs and HeeChul dancing kissing you @ Chunji Radio w/ Sunny and Sungmin).

It’s okay SooYoung.. You’re still cute…. xD


Top 5 Korean Male Group Vocals (IMO)

Here are the boys with top vocals for me….. Don’t bash me… It’s just my opinion…^^

1.) TaeYang (YB)- I love the smoothness of his voice. He gives me the “Chris Brown/Ne-Yo” feel. When I listened to Wedding dress & Only look at me, I think he did pretty well in those songs. And he dances well too. Dancing and singing at the same time is not easy and I think YB does well in Live performances.

2.) Xiah Junsu- DBSK fangirls (Cassies) might kill me for putting him in second place. I love his voice but everytime I compare his voice with Bigbang’s TaeYang, I thing YB has a better voice. I still think Xiahtic is Jjang!

3.) Hero Jaejoong- His voice is so smooooth~ I like his pitch….^^

4.) Max Changmin & U-know Yunho  – Maknae’s voice is good too!! And I think he sings better than Mickey… Don’t kill me Micky-biased cassies…^^

5.) A tie bet. Daesung & Micky Yoochun- These guys ends my top five. I think Daesung’s problem is that it seems like he’s forcing his voice to go higher sometimes and Yoochun is a good singer too… All the DBSK boys are great. It was a hard choice bet. him and Maknae though..^^

But I prefer Micky’s rap over YunHo’s.. Kekekekek.. 😛

DBSK & BigBang Dominated my list…^^


HyoYeon May Receive the Least Love in SNSD…

Hyo needs love too...

But she still has my love and appreciation…

She’s the best dancer in SNSD…

And she can be cute and dorky too… Like the other members…

But why is she the one who receives the least attention in the group?

And she only gets appreciated when she does an awesome dance adlib…

For me, she’s one of the best dancers among the kpop girl groups (W/ Park Kahi and Minji)

Kim HyoYeon…. You’re one of the BEST for me… Fighting!!!


Dara May Not Be a Good Singer…

Pambansang Krung2x

but I really like how she puts effort on the parts she sings.. And she does not do lipsynch…

And I think she sings better compared to YoonA of SNSD and SoHee of WG

And some SNSD members…

And she’s a DORK.. I love DORKS….

She always takes time to communicate with the blackjacks through her cute Me2day updates…

And she misses/loves the Philippines.. I’m a FILIPINO and I am proud that Dara is proud to be once part of the Philippine showbiz industry…

She’s definitely on my appreciation list…

Dara Unnie!! Fighting!!


Not a Sone But a TaeYeon-Biased Fan Girl

My One and Only.. In SNSD...

I’m not really an SNSD fan right now…

I just think that TaeYeon is awesome….

Though she made some mistakes in the past (which most of the antis took advantage of)…

I still like her…

She may not be perfect but she definitely has a good character…

And I don’t think she has undergone plastic surgery…

And her voice is different from some other singers that I have heard…

She doesn’t mind singing and dancing to other artists’ songs (YG, JYP, etc..)

And I also think that….

SHE SHOULD GO SOLO… SHE SHOULD LEAVE SNSD… And SM Entertainment for good…. (SONES. don’t kill me… It’s just my opinion..)

JYP would like to have her on his side….

Taengoo~ Leave SM ent. and go to JYPE….. The Wonder girls are part of that family…. I love TaeTae and the WG together….

Maknae Seororo, The dorky SooYoung, and the one-who-gets-the-less-love HyoYeon are part of the “members I appreciate” list too…