Coloring Manga Pages: A Good Way to Kill the Time (but is it a crime?)

I was bored and I’m in a bad case of artist’s (is there one?) block so I decided to color a few manga pages I saved in my computer.

I don’t know if it’s illegal to color manga pages. Is it a crime? damned copyright issues.

Well, I think it’s not considered as plagiarism not unless you claim that you drew those pictures. Spaz.

I use PhotoFiltre to color pics ‘coz  I’m not the good in Adobe photoshop when it comes to coloring manga pages. And I typed in my insights in the manga series that I have colored.

Untitled 1

A NaruSaku Moment? I don't think so...

I know this pic is kinda anti-NaruSaku but I did it anyway because I was happy that Naruto rejected Sakura’s confession (NaruHina all the way baby!). Well, this was the last Naruto chapter I have read and I have no idea if he really rejected Sakura or not. But I have to enjoy this while it lasts right?


Boy is he/she hawt!!!

I also colored this pic from Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero. This is Akira Shiraiishi, the bisexually hot guy (Well, he’s second best. No one can beat Nagihiko-sama) from the mentioned manga. I had difficulty coloring the hair because I don’t know what color to use. Coloring it is fun because I was string at his hot  bod— GOD! STOP ME! I SOUND LIKE A PEVERT!!!  Whew!

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

Ever since their first interaction in the manga, I have also liked Shin and Reira as a couple in Nana. Well, they’re only second compared to Nana and Ren and my running third would be Hachi and Nobu. It’s kinda frustrating that they would not be ending up together (I blame Takumi).  I chose this pic because it’s the only one perfect for my mood at that time. I was also listening to 2NE1’s version of say goodbye so I tweaked it a little and added a little text. Nana Rant: Why is Takumi ruining my favorite couples in Nana (My 2nd and 3rd), Screw him! He should have died instead and Ren should be the one alive because if there is no Ren, there would be no NanaXRen and that’s a big NO-NO!


Coffee anyone?

The last pic is the pic I used for my post below (full pic  found under this post). When I found out that Detective Conan is still on-going, it kinda ticked me off. Don’t tell me this show will not end and I will die old and I won’t see it ending? Puuhleeze!!! And I also used this pic as my avatar because I don’t know what pic to put in my profile.

Those were the pics I colored due to boredom. I know it’s not that nice because I’m still an amateur. I’m still having second thoughts on uploading them on my DevArt account because I’m scared of the fact that might be violating some law or rule due to copyright reasons.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, Nana, Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero and Detective Conan. They belong to their rightful owners. And the pics used were found in Manga Fox and


15 years of Detective Conan Fangirling

"Protecting the one and only truth in the name: Detective Conan!"

"Protecting the one and only truth in the name: Detective Conan!"


Detective Conan (Or called Meitantei Conan in Japan and Case Closed in the US) is already 15 YEARS OLD!!! I was like 8 years old (or was it 7) when I first saw this show on GMA. When I first saw this show, I was not yet interested on watching it because I thought that the art style was lame (Then again, I was 7). But I watched it anyway because I had nothing else to do. When GMA stopped airing Conan, it had always kept me wondering: Did it end already? Did Shinichi return to his old life and got reunited with Ran again?

Shonen Tantei Dan

Shonen Tantei Dan

My question was answered 6 years later. IT WAS NOT YET OVER!! (Dang it!). Shinichi was still stuck being Conan and the goons that shrunk his body (The Black Organization) was still on the loose. They even got the FBI and the CIA involved! (Way to go Gosho sensei!). And Ran is still (miraculously) waiting for his dear childhood friend’s return (Talk about everlasting love!). I was shocked when I found out that the series was still ongoing. I mean I understand that Pokemon will never end (That show doesn’t even have a normal plot and it will only end when Nintendo declares bankruptcy or runs out of ideas for new Pokemon games ) but THIS?! Their ages didn’t even change!! Shinichi and Ran are still seventeen while the Detective Boys members are still seven. And Kogoro Mouri is still the same useless, drunkard and overprotective father. Although there were new characters that were introduced like Ai Haibara, the damsel-in-distress-hunted-by-the-men-in-black girl and the FBI and the ever awesome phantom thief Kaito-kid Sama!!! (He stole my heart!!) who is one of the formidable enemies of Kudo Shinichi (God, he has dozens of ’em). Although I was quite impressed of the change in art style.

Ran: Boy is she loyal!

Ran: Boy is she loyal!

Now back to the Ran x Shinichi relationship. God!! I can’t believe that there is someone who can wait for their loved one for 15 years! (Although their time line in the series is different because the only thing that changes through the years was the technology they use and the fact that they are still high school students has not changed … sorry for the suckish English…) Their relationship was even tested many times in the series. Enter Ariade-sensei, the teacher has a thing for Ran and Ran’s obnoxious best friend Sonoko who keeps telling Ran that Shinichi is a bastard and she must start dating other guys. But those things didn’t keep Ran from waiting… There were even times when Ran became suspicious of Conan being Shinichi (She almost guessed it but Shinichi was too smart to keep her from knowing the truth.) And I also think that Haibara, who’s real identity is Shiho Miyano, the scientist of the Black Org who drank her own creation (The Apotoxin 4869: The drug that was forcibly taken by Shinichi which turned him into Conan), has a wittle cwush on cownan…..Little does Ran know that Shinichi was always by his side protecting her from any danger. They even kiss in a movie!! (No wait, It was Conan that was kissed by Ran and not Shinichi… Aw Shucks!)

Detective Conan Characters: There're still a lot of 'em!!!

Detective Conan Characters: There're still a lot of 'em!!!

The series currently has a Manga with 64 volumes (I do NOT know how many chapters ‘coz I only watch the anime) and 500+ and still increasing episodes. It also has 9 OVAs and 13 Movies (I have seen all the movies except for the 13th because it’s not yet subbed.) I don’t have any idea on how Gosho-sensei plans to end the series. There are only 3 outcomes that I can think of:

Possible Ending # 1:

– Ran finds out about Shinichi’s secret then the latter then receives bashing from the former for letting her wait for a long time then they make up. Shinichi returns to his normal body (So does Haibara) and the Black Org will be put behind bars.

Possible Ending #2:

-The Cliffie type of ending (I hate those types of ending) where they leave to the viewers what will happen next to the lives of the shrunken people.

Possible Ending # 3:

-Ai and Conan will never return to their normal lives and will be stuck forever as elementary school students until they grow up, again then Ran ends up with another guy. (Noooooo……. I hate Option 3… Gosho-sensei, please don’t!!!)

Or it could be that Gosho-sensei has no idea on how to end the friggin’ show!! It took Rumiko Takashi many years to end Ranma 1/2 but I do not know how and when will Aoyama end the series which he started in 1994 (I was 2 years old at that time but not that anyone really cares) There are still a lot of theories on my mind on how Detective Conan will end but even though it pisses me off, I will stay tuned on what is new about this series.

a little trivia about the show:

-The origin of Conan Edogawa’s name came from Sir Conan Arthur Doyle, the creator of the classic, Sherlock Holmes, and Edogawa Ranpo, who was a famous mystery novel writer in Japan.) Most of the characters have interesting name origins but I will not put them here for they are too many.

-The english version of the anime changed the names of the characters from Japanese to western names (except for Edogawa Conan).

For example:
*Shinichi Kudo- Jimmy Kudo
*Ran Mouri- Rachel Moore
*Kogoro Mouri- Richard Moore
*Heiji Hattori- Harley Hartwell
*Sonoko Suzuki- Serena Sebastian
*Mitsuhiko Tsubaraya- Mitch Tennison
*Genta Kojima- George Kaminski
*Ayumi Yoshida- Amy Yeager
*Ai Haibara- Anita Hailey

and many more…

(I laughed my ass out when I heard the stupid English Version names)

-Conan Edogawa’s Voice actress Minami Takayama and Conan’s creator Gosho Aoyama was married last 2005 but divorced on 2007.
-The series also has a live-action version with Oguri Shun as Kudo Shinichi