Because I Love Them. PERIOD

Biases in every group. Everyone has them right?

I mean  you can like all of them but there has to be someone that stands out in the group.

NOTE: Sometimes Dorkiness adds points.

Now these are both jpop and kpop groups:

KPOP Groups:

1.) CL (2NE1)– Explained in one of my previous posts. Don’t have to explain further. And I was actually drawn to her creative sense of style.

Though when it comes to dorkiness, Dara outshines CL-Roo with her witty antics.

2.) HeeChul (Super Junior)– The one and only Cinderella of SuJu. His antics never fail to amuse me. But I had a hard time choosing between him and LeeTeuk who’s personality is also interesting.

No doubt, Heesica Heechul is the most beautiful Suju member.

3.) JaeJoong (DBSK)– Whoo~ This was hard. YunJae was always a package. I had a hard time choosing between the both of them. But of course, Jaejoong won because of his so-called cuteness. I even remembered KHJ calling him the effeminate one. And he’s clumsy too!! xD

4.) TOP (BigBang)– This quiet young man’s dorky moments are rare so I treasure each and one ’em. He’s usually dorky only when he’s with the BB boys. I like him for being quiet and unpredictably dorky.

5.) TaeYeon (SNSD)– I know that I also explained it in a previous post but I’m gonna add something that I forgot to put in my previous blog. I can actually relate to this dorky little creature. She’s actually quiet which actually contradicts her witty self in variety shows. I’m also introverted myself. I know it’s a bad thing not to show your true self but I think she has the right to hide her thoughts. Right?

I don't have to explain over and over again why I like her. *DORK*

6.) SunYe (WG)– I know, I have a thing for girl leaders.  But from my three biases, I think SunYe stands out because of her good personality. Her motherly image is even on par with TaeYeon’s because of her love for her co-members (Ummas FTW?). And after Mimi’s departure, I think she was the one who was deeply affected. And of course, she’s a family person meaning she cares for her family very much.

Yep. This is our Min Leader for you.

Jpop Groups:

1.) Yamapi (News)– I am also a sucker for guys with Soul-less eyes (TOP and JaeJoong) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) is one of them. Although I also had a hard time choosing between him and Tegoshi (Mecha-kawaii!!!) And he’s a Kim HyunJoong look-a-like too (AlthoughI love KHJ but I don’t like ss501).

Yamapi's stare *Swoon*

2.) Koharu-chan (MoMusu)– Explained in a previous blog. But Kawaii~ Kawaii~ Koha-chan is not part of MoMusu anymore.

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

3.) Nino (Arashi)– Itooshi~ Itooshi Nino-kuun~ is my favorite. ‘Coz MatsuJun is already taken by one of my friends. But Nino kun is equally good looking so I chose him over Matsujun.


4.) Kimutaku (SMAP)– The first SMAP member that I remembered. Although I love all of ’em, Kimura Takuya stands out to me the most. Although he’s quite old now, he’s still as dashing as ever (Kinda like KangTa? Lolz).

Kawaii ne?

5.) Jin (Kat Tun)– Another hard one. This time it’s Jinjin versus Kame but I’ve decided that my friend (The same friend that liked Mastujun) and I would share Kame with her and that Jin jin would be mine.

Sekushii~ No?

I still like the others though (some of ’em, perhaps) but these are the ones that have really caught my picky taste in favorites. Although some of the reasons are quite lame, I don’t care. All I know is that I LIKE THEM.



Morning Musume and So Nyuh Shi Dae are DIFFERENT.. So Stop the STUPID Cat Fights….

Morning Musume: ONe of Japan's pride

IDK Why the hell are people comparing these two groups….

Well, they do have similarities. They’re both girl groups. Their music genre is quite the same. They both have 9 member and they’re both composed of 9 (or more) cute Asian girls as members.

Well, it’s okay to compare the both of them but I hate it when I see comments like:

“Morning Musume is much better!! SNSD are MM copy cats…”

“LOL Don’t compare MM with SNSD… MM is shit compared to SoShi!!”

And some other rude comments…..

I can tolerate the fanwars going on amongst kpop fans (eg. Sones vs Blackjacks) but I really hate seeing fanwars between kpop and jpop fans. I love both genres so I don’t want to take sides.

So Nyuh Shi Dae: One of S.Korea's best

Yes, Morning Musume started earlier than SNSD but that doesn’t mean that SoShi is an MM rip-off…

And besides, they do have some differences:

-Morning Musume members come and go. New members added while some leaves the group. SNSD has only 9 members and is not by batch.

-MM has explored a greater variety of music compared to SNSD whose music always sticks to the cutesy genre (Except for the Genie MV. Cute and Sexy).

-SNSD has stronger bonds compared to the MM girls because they have known each other well unlike MM that always undergo members line-up change. Are the girls of the previous generations of MM even close? O.o

-You can remember SNSD members’ names quickly compared to the members of the *Counts 7 fingers * seven generations of Momusu…. Geebus.. Can’t even remember the first two generations.

-SNSD is a Korean girl group. MM is a Japanese girl group.

In SUM…. Morning Musume FANS or jpop fans and SONES or kpop fans must stop bashing each other *Bow*

To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you w/ my favorite MVs from SNSD and MM…

Sowoneul Marebwha~

Love the paper cuts…. xD

A remake of  Lee Sung Chul’s hit song…

One of my all time Morning Musume favorites… RAWR… Sekshii…

And my biases from both groups are:

Taengoo~ Aigooo~ Kiyeopda~

TAEYEON (SNSD)- She’ll always be the KID LEADER… No matter what happens…


Gyaboo~ Koha-Chaaan~ TT TT

KOHARU KUSUMI (Morning Musume)- It’s kinda sad that she graduated. She became my favorite member because of her role as Kirarin in Kirarin Revolution. I’ll miss her….. TT TT