Maria Sama Ga Miteru: The Only Yuri Anime That I Can Swallow

Yes.. I like to watch this show.. Even though I despise Yuri/Shoujo Ai the Most.

I’m not really a big fan of same-sex animes. Matter of fact, I don’t like watching Yuri. I don’t see the reason why some people like watching two girls kissing or touching each other. And LOL, there are even girls who are straight yet they enjoy watching these kinds of shows.

I have nothing against these shows.. No offense to fans…

But I do watch Maria Sama Ga Miteru or  Marimite for short. I really enjoy the show and I don’t even know why.


-because of Sachiko’s strong aura that got me attracted to the show,

-Or Yumi can be an airhead sometimes

-Or Satou Sei had made me gay because of her cool character

-Touko is a perfect example of a Tsundere

-I find the friendship of the girls cute (Not the skinship).


But who cares, I watch what I want to watch. And I don’t really see any yuri interactions in the show (Except Sei & Shiori’s story and note that yuri id different from shoujo ai). The pictures of the ending themes show suggestive yuri though but I ignore it and think of it as not part of the show.

But seriously, I find the idea of students of an all-girl Catholic school hitting on each other very funny.