Expressing my Anger and Sadness:The Maguindanao Massacre

Credits to the FB group who made this

Last November 23 2009, while I was on my computer watching funny youtube videos and laughing out loud, more than 50 people were massacred in the province of Maguindanao. Some of them were brutally shot on the face closed-ranged while the women were raped before they were killed.


I’m not really a politically-active person but I know what was going on this situation. Innocent lives were killed just because of this stupid politics thingy. Won’t all this fighting about the elections and stuff stop? Why can’t they just help each other for the good of the country. I’m just an ordinary citizen who is a member of the youth sector asking for change so that all this political killings will stop.


The Philippines is known for being one of the most dangerous places for mediamen and journalists. Now that the massacre happened, this becomes a proof for the title that we have gained. I mourn for all the newscasters, journalists and all the member of the media who were killed in the massacre.


As a woman, I also feel sorry for all the women who were not only killed but raped in the said massacre. The government is not taking any action about this happening. What if their wives, daughters, sisters, or mothers were the ones who were killed and brutally raped?


I used to think that there are no bad people in the world but after hearing about the sad news, it made me think twice. Being a pacifist and doing nothing won’t change anything.


And now I shout:



May all the victims of the massacre rest in peace and I hope for the easy moving-on of the family of the victims.


Culture Shocked: Is This How Stardom in Korea Work?! O.O

Girls Generation a.k.a. So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD: Aww~ Why would some people hate these cuties?

I am new to this so-called Kpop love thingy and I have a lot to learn about how the entertainment industry in Korea works. But I also found out how much influence the fans and the netizens in Korea have.

They can send any star into death or make them leave the country for good.

I was just exaggerating about the death part (Maybe not).  It’s quite scary how things work in there. If one becomes a star, you can either have fans or even Antis.

One group famous for having a lot on antis and fans is the So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls Generation) also known as SNSD for the international fans. I found out that there was a silent protest for them for last year’s Dream Concert. Fans of other groups like SuJu, DBSK, and ss501 turned off their light sticks and refused  to cheer for them while performing. Others were also booing at them. Most of the  fans were at rage and started terrorizing/harassing the fan girls of the other groups and tearing down posters of the other fan clubs (Scary much). The Soshi antis also made petitions for them to disband like: Be Strong ’til all 9 are gone. It’s a good thing that they were able to make up for this year’s dream concert and the other fans also respected their performance and also cheered for them. There is really a long list for why their antis hate them. Some reasons are their misinterpreted actions, some little slips of their tongues and for stupid reasons like: “I hate them! They’re too close to my boybands “ . 2009 is really good for them because I don’t hear a lot of bashing for them anymore and they also have a lot of projects this year like the solo concert that they will be having on December. I also heard that the tickets for their concert was sold out in just three minutes. Pretty cool huh? This only shows that they have a lot of fans in Korea and that they’re also loved by the netizens there. This year was really a big comeback for them although 2Ne1 is probably the best group for this year.

Jaebum: 2PM's charismatic ex-leader

I’m not really a big fan of 2PM and I never listen to their songs but I can’t help but pity their leader ex-leader Jaebum. He went back to the US because of the mistake of a Korean Netizen. He posted some of Jaebum’s messages in myspace saying that the singer hates Korea and it’s people and that he wants to go back to the states. It created an uproar amongst the Korean netizens even asking Jae to leave the country or commit suicide. This is what leads to his sudden decision of leaving 2PM and Korea. When the said netizen apologized, it was already too late because Jae was already gone. 2PM fans were at rage and they boycotted some product endorsements and concerts (?) because they want their old leader back. I heard speculations that  Jae might have a comeback as 2PM’s leader but I don’t really have high hopes about  that.


Now I know… Fans are the one’s that make and break their stars. They also have the power to destroy artists and they can be very violent at times.



Coloring Manga Pages: A Good Way to Kill the Time (but is it a crime?)

I was bored and I’m in a bad case of artist’s (is there one?) block so I decided to color a few manga pages I saved in my computer.

I don’t know if it’s illegal to color manga pages. Is it a crime? damned copyright issues.

Well, I think it’s not considered as plagiarism not unless you claim that you drew those pictures. Spaz.

I use PhotoFiltre to color pics ‘coz  I’m not the good in Adobe photoshop when it comes to coloring manga pages. And I typed in my insights in the manga series that I have colored.

Untitled 1

A NaruSaku Moment? I don't think so...

I know this pic is kinda anti-NaruSaku but I did it anyway because I was happy that Naruto rejected Sakura’s confession (NaruHina all the way baby!). Well, this was the last Naruto chapter I have read and I have no idea if he really rejected Sakura or not. But I have to enjoy this while it lasts right?


Boy is he/she hawt!!!

I also colored this pic from Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero. This is Akira Shiraiishi, the bisexually hot guy (Well, he’s second best. No one can beat Nagihiko-sama) from the mentioned manga. I had difficulty coloring the hair because I don’t know what color to use. Coloring it is fun because I was string at his hot  bod— GOD! STOP ME! I SOUND LIKE A PEVERT!!!  Whew!

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

ShinxReira, My 2nd fave Nana Couple next to NanaxRen

Ever since their first interaction in the manga, I have also liked Shin and Reira as a couple in Nana. Well, they’re only second compared to Nana and Ren and my running third would be Hachi and Nobu. It’s kinda frustrating that they would not be ending up together (I blame Takumi).  I chose this pic because it’s the only one perfect for my mood at that time. I was also listening to 2NE1’s version of say goodbye so I tweaked it a little and added a little text. Nana Rant: Why is Takumi ruining my favorite couples in Nana (My 2nd and 3rd), Screw him! He should have died instead and Ren should be the one alive because if there is no Ren, there would be no NanaXRen and that’s a big NO-NO!


Coffee anyone?

The last pic is the pic I used for my post below (full pic  found under this post). When I found out that Detective Conan is still on-going, it kinda ticked me off. Don’t tell me this show will not end and I will die old and I won’t see it ending? Puuhleeze!!! And I also used this pic as my avatar because I don’t know what pic to put in my profile.

Those were the pics I colored due to boredom. I know it’s not that nice because I’m still an amateur. I’m still having second thoughts on uploading them on my DevArt account because I’m scared of the fact that might be violating some law or rule due to copyright reasons.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Naruto, Nana, Ai Wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero and Detective Conan. They belong to their rightful owners. And the pics used were found in Manga Fox and

2nd Semester, Blogging Status & A Few Rants


Guess I'll be drinking a lot of coffee from now on... *sigh*

Finally, it’s already the 2nd semester of my first year in college which means in a few months, it will finally be over (Well, technically not because I’m still a freshman).

But the sad part is, My schedule is LOADED so I will not be able to update my blog for a while… I guess…

And I have to exert extra effort for my Math 01 and my Biology class because by the looks of it, these subjects might cause my downfall.


And lately, I’ve been running out of blogging ideas. I don’t know what to type. Am I the lost member procrastinators’ club? And I also signed up in because I’m planning (And by planning, meaning not sure)  to write a fanfic because a friend challenged me to do one. Plus, to kill some time, I began coloring manga pages which will posted in my next entry.

I guess I’ll be away from my PC for a while and I’ll be spending my time studying .