Osu!~ Been a While

Yamapii~ I kinow this pic is kinda OoT but I love him. So what?!

I have been on hiatus for almost two months ( I guess).

It was because:

-My darned PC has been broken for 2 months and was fixed just last week.

-I had to take summer classes (Don’t even ask why I had to take them).

-I had to stay away from my addictions ‘coz they might distract me.

-I had to keep myself busy so that I’ll not be distracted.

-I thought I was gaining weight so I had to work on a plan on losing weight.

-I was busy thinking about my country’s future (The elections was upcoming that time. Yes people, I am concerned w/ things people consider boring like politics).

So much for the reasons why I was gone, I surely missed a lot of things like:

-Kpop comebacks : Afterschool, Lee Hyori, SuJu, F(x) & WG

– A lot of Naruto & Bleach episodes pluse the 3rd shippuden movie

-Jpop comebacks: News & Kat tun (No Akinishi *sniff)

-Taengoo’s musical (AIGOO~)

-Shugo Chara Encore chapters

-A lot of kpop & Jpop news

-Taengoo leaving ChinChin (BUTTHURT)

-HeeNim as a DJ (YAY! but I want him back on variety shows)

-Heechul on FO 2 (w/ Jo Kwon. EPIC)

-And a lot more

But anyways, I’m OFFICIALLY BACK… xD



Maria Sama Ga Miteru: The Only Yuri Anime That I Can Swallow

Yes.. I like to watch this show.. Even though I despise Yuri/Shoujo Ai the Most.

I’m not really a big fan of same-sex animes. Matter of fact, I don’t like watching Yuri. I don’t see the reason why some people like watching two girls kissing or touching each other. And LOL, there are even girls who are straight yet they enjoy watching these kinds of shows.

I have nothing against these shows.. No offense to fans…

But I do watch Maria Sama Ga Miteru or  Marimite for short. I really enjoy the show and I don’t even know why.


-because of Sachiko’s strong aura that got me attracted to the show,

-Or Yumi can be an airhead sometimes

-Or Satou Sei had made me gay because of her cool character

-Touko is a perfect example of a Tsundere

-I find the friendship of the girls cute (Not the skinship).


But who cares, I watch what I want to watch. And I don’t really see any yuri interactions in the show (Except Sei & Shiori’s story and note that yuri id different from shoujo ai). The pictures of the ending themes show suggestive yuri though but I ignore it and think of it as not part of the show.

But seriously, I find the idea of students of an all-girl Catholic school hitting on each other very funny.


Black Rock Shooter- Imma Watch This One

The spring line up for new Animes looks promising.. But this one caught my attention.


The animation looks awesome. So does the story line. Now I have something to watch for the upcoming summer break.


Akatsuki Generation: ROFLMAO!!! XD

Akatsuki: We're Genie For Your Wish............ xD

Not mine… A friend of mine posted it on her wall on Facebook…..

To the one who made this: You’re an effing genius!! Hahahahah!!

Itachi as Yoona.. Hahahah… A perfect fit…

Yoona is the face of SNSD and Itachi is also the most popular member of Akatsuki IMO….

Sica should be Tobi IMO….


And Deidara as TaeYeon.. I love it!! Deidara is my fave in Akatsuki While TaeTae ish my fave in SNSD…

Sasori as Tiffany

Pein as Jessica

Kakuzu as SooYoung

Zetsu as Sunny??? (LOL)

Kisame as SeoHyun

Hidan as Yuri

Tobi as HyoYeon??? (Hmmm.)

What if Orochimaru was in this pic??

Nah.. Impossible…

Girls’ Generation has only 9 members while Akatsuki has 10.. And Orochi left…

But I would be LOLing so hard if I see him in the ‘Genie’ outfit….

I just want to share it here on my blog ‘coz it’s Effing Epic!! Kekekekeke… 😀


Christmas Break: I Need To Watch More Ghibli Flicks

I have seen almost all of Miyazaki and Takahata sensei's works.. It's time to see the unseen flicks.. And besides, it's christmas so watching Ghibli movies would be a great idea...

It’s finally Christmas break

And I need to something to keep myself away from bed…

Watching other Ghibli movies that I have not seen might be a good idea…

Here’s the list of the Ghibli Movies that I have not yet seen because I thought they are not interesting:

-Porco Rosso

-Ocean Waves

-Pom poko

-My Neighbor the Yamadas

-Tales of the Earthsea

-Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

How can I call myself a Ghibli Maniac when I have not even seen all of their movies…

But I still have to search for sites that stream Ghibli movies… They’re VERY RARE… And I don’t trust torrents…

—-> Kurisumasu is almost here Minna!!<—-

Watching Anything Made by Clamp Drives Me Crazy

Clamp in Wonderland: Clamp OVERLOAD

Well, not really… I love clamp and I’ve been watching clamp-made animes since I was 9 years old. My very first was Magic Knights Rayearth but I really didn’t care about Clamp about that time (I was still a little kid… Didn’t really care that much at that time).

If you’re wondering why I’m posting something about Clamp right now, I have four reasons: (1.) I just feel like doing it because ‘coz I’m bored (2.) One of my friends started to become “obsessed (?)” with Clamp (3.) I just like posting something about one my favorite mangakas and (4.) I want to cover up what I posted before this….

My obsession with Clamp probably started the first time I saw CCS…

As we, anime-lovers know, Clamp’s themes are usually mixed with themes like Shounen-ai/ Shojo-ai (e.g. KuroganexFai, WatanukixDoumeki, KamuixFuuma..) but I don’t really mind about it. As long as the pairing are canon. But they also include explicit themes like incest and adultery which is somewhat disturbing but that what makes Clamp’s creation unique from other mangakas. And I also noticed how some their characters usually lost their eye or something like that…

I love their crossovers especially TRC. I loved how they integrated the other characters form different Clamp series into the main plot of the story. But I will be very surprised if they try to fit Suzaku ang Lelouch in but still, it would be interesting what roles are they gonna get in the story.

Another news about Clamp is  about them making a character design for Tekken, my favorite arcade game. Now that’s what I call EPIC.

Maybe next time they can do character designs for NINTENDO. Now that is what we call DOUBLE EPIC.

Though I have not seen the Kobato anime yet. I’m still contemplating if I’ll watch it or not…


No RimaHiko Moment on Valentine’s? *Sulks*

And I expected for it to happen? Huhuhu... :'(

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Rimahiko being a canon couple. It seems that the valentine’s episode that I am expecting will not be possible anymore. I found this news on an author’s note of a certain fanfic writer.

Shugo Chara Party will end on January

It’s just a rumor so I’m still hoping that the said episode will air. I’m quite sure that Amu and Ikuto will end up together but I want Nagi and Rima to end up together so that I can die a happy death.

And about the latest manga chapter…

Don’t you think Rima is jealous because Nagi said Amu likes him more than she likes Kairi?

I love the exchange between the two jacks.. Very Funny.. I never expected Kairi to be awed by Nagihiko’s Awshumneshh… New Yaoi couple? Hmm… Maybe.. *Squeals*