Akatsuki Generation: ROFLMAO!!! XD

Akatsuki: We're Genie For Your Wish............ xD

Not mine… A friend of mine posted it on her wall on Facebook…..

To the one who made this: You’re an effing genius!! Hahahahah!!

Itachi as Yoona.. Hahahah… A perfect fit…

Yoona is the face of SNSD and Itachi is also the most popular member of Akatsuki IMO….

Sica should be Tobi IMO….


And Deidara as TaeYeon.. I love it!! Deidara is my fave in Akatsuki While TaeTae ish my fave in SNSD…

Sasori as Tiffany

Pein as Jessica

Kakuzu as SooYoung

Zetsu as Sunny??? (LOL)

Kisame as SeoHyun

Hidan as Yuri

Tobi as HyoYeon??? (Hmmm.)

What if Orochimaru was in this pic??

Nah.. Impossible…

Girls’ Generation has only 9 members while Akatsuki has 10.. And Orochi left…

But I would be LOLing so hard if I see him in the ‘Genie’ outfit….

I just want to share it here on my blog ‘coz it’s Effing Epic!! Kekekekeke… 😀



BigBang Fanart: I Totally Made a Failure!!

I screwed up.. I am a disgrace to the fan art gods...

Here’s my latest work of art…

I was bored during my Math 01 class so I decided to draw something I wouldn’t draw usually… I drew one of my favorite kpop artists, BIGBANG.

I showed it ti one of my friends in high school and she said that she will scan it for me because I am a poor little girl w/o a scanner.

When I received the soft copy via Facebook, I decided to tweak my drawing a little but I think I’m not quite successful.

I posted it here on my blog hoping that other people would give me advice on how to be a good artist and so that I can see what other people think about my work.

I’m still an amateur… But I hope I can reach a certain level where I can do digital art..