Being Booed by The Audience and And Not Minding What Has Happened is a Valiant Effort…

Just went to a mini-concert tonight….. A concert sponsored by my college organization in my university.

A blockmate (classmate) of mine is one of the performers. She’s the lead guitarist of her band.

Due to some technical difficulties, they were not able to perform right away.

While fixing the problem, some rude guy started shouting along with his friends. They wanted them to start right away.

The band performed quite well. They also sang songs that I knew like Crush & Ignorance by Paramore then Especially for you by MYMP (Don’t know the original singer of this song).

But the worst part is, while performing, the boys sitting at the back started booing at them because they wanted something more louder than what the band was performing.

They were also booing at the band…. Tsk… Quite rude right?

But what bothered me was that I was more irritated of the boys sitting at the back than the vocalist of the band ever was.

Poor girl… What if I was in her situation? I would definitely lose my cool and start shouting cuss words on their faces.

She just continued performing like nothing happened. Props to her for being like that.

And I also felt sorry for my blockmate. They didn’t deserve a treatment like that.

The band was so professional. They didn’t mind the rude behavior displayed by some of the audience.

And the boys sitting at my back. Were they really upperclassmen? Or better yet.. Were they really Psychology majors? I thought Psych majors are supposed to be mature. And they also smelled like cigarette. I doubt that those students were Ateneans or students of XU.

I can probably compare what happened tonight to what happened during the silent protest while SNSD was performing in the 2008 Dream Concert. Rude Antis boycotting their performance. True, They did something wrong because of their misbehavior but they didn’t deserved to be booed or boycotted by thousands or millions of people. And their fans are the ones to be blamed because they were the ones who cause the ruckus during the concert. It’s good that they continued performing while the audience were silent and some booing at them. That is how true professionals act. Truly, a Valiant effort.

Arrrghh…. Tonight’s event really irked me.. Tsk….



Confessions of an Atenista: I’m Supposed to be in My Class at This Very Moment. Why the Hell Am I Updating My Blog Right Now?!

I just did something stupid..*facepalm*

I hope my parents won’t be able read this post…

Or else I’m screwed…

This post is definitely the winner of the “Longest-title-I-made” award.

While I’m typing this, my English 17 class is going on… And I’m supposed to be attending it.. But I did’nt

I was afraid that I will not be allowed to attend the class because I am 20 Minutes LATE.

The story goes like this..

I forgot that today is Wednesday and this day is supposed to be wash day which means we are allowed to wear anything (Well, not really anything. Except for those provocative clothes.) and Wednesday is also my PE day so I am obliged to wear my PE uniform. I wore my school my school uniform and I also forgot my ID (Identification Card) so I had to go home. I was not able to attend my Biology 31 class because of that and when I arrived at the university, it was already 8:59 and my English class starts at 8:30. Afraid of being rejected, I decided to skip classes and here I am, right now, at the internet cafe typing this post.

I know, I did something stupid…

I was known as the girl who is always present in class. It’s not really my first time skipping classes but when I skip classes, I only do it when it’s urgent. Well, there are cases like I skipped class because I forgot my assignment and I did it because I had to attend my previous school’s Foundation Day (Note: This happened when I am already a college student. I never skipped classes when I was in high school). The problem of being a college student is that I tend to relax sometimes because I know that some teachers don’t really care if you attend or not. They’re just there to give the lessons. Because of that, I am quite relaxed because I know that I can skip a certain class because I know that my teacher won’t check my attendance. I have really nothing to worry about because I still have 5 absences left for my Filipino class and I think, 9 absences left for my Biology, English and Political Science class. I decided to skip my Pol Sci class because I don’t really like the teacher because he doesn’t deliver his lessons seriously. I want to try skipping it just this time.

I know I did something I’m about to regret but I promise, I won’t do this again.. I want to take my college life seriously..

I still have two classes left: My Math 01 and my PE class. I have to attend them as a responsible student of Xavier University. I deeply regretted what I did because I know that it’s wrong and I have no right to call my self an atenista because of my stupid mistake.

This is gonna be the LAST time I’m going to skip classes and I’ll make sure that I will be able to get good marks on the subjects that I missed.

Thanks for listening to my mumbo jumbos…