What’s up and a Closer Look on Kpop Fans… And Antifans..

More like: "How many weeks has it been?" Since I last updated this poor blog of mine.. Tsk 3x...

Osu! Yoboseyo! Kekekeke… 😀

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog…. Procrastinating much?

A lot has happened and I was not able to post anything on my blog on the past few weeks. I almost lost faith in SNSD (Because of a certain website whose name escapes me). Luckily, after reading some posts from soompi, I realized that no one is perfect. Idols can make mistakes too. Although I’m not really a big fan of SNSD anymore. Only of TaeYeon. I still think she rocks. She should go solo (Gawdd, the SONES are gonna kill me for saying that). I still like some of them: My Taengoo, Seororo the Maknae, SooYoung the Shikshin & HyoYeon the Dancing Queen (She needs more love y’know). About the other members.. I’m still contemplating…

And I also became an AfterSchool and Brown Eyed Girls fantard. Park Kahi (or GaHee) and Ga-In were added to my list of favorite Korean girls alongside with CL, TaeYeon and Amber. And CN Blue is officially added in my list of boybands to fangirl with.

I know, I’m nuts…. God, I sound so stupid….. I sound like some girl who has a crush with someone with the same sex. But who cares. JiSook of the girl group Rainbow and SunMi of the WonderGirls are TaeYeon fangirls too and so are some of the members of soompi and other forums and some people who have youtube accounts. I’m STRAIGHT….. I fangirl over BIGBANG, Super Junior and DBSK but I still think TaeYeon (and my other Korean girl idols: Park GaHee, CL, & Amber) is awesome.

And a few days ago, I started watching Japanese movies again to regain my identity as a Japanese culture lover. Been watching too much Korean stuff lately and kinda makes me sick. Kamikaze Girls was probably the best among the flicks that I have seen. Anna Tsuchiya is my HERO.

That’s what’s up for me in the past few weeks.

Now, I want to say something about Kpop fans… And Antifans..

Idol groups value their fans so much that they forget about their personal (love) life. They tend to serve them by giving them some taste of fan service (e.g. fan pairings) and they update their pages on the web just for them.

If  Idol groups have a lot of fans, they also have a bunch of antifans. Take So Nyuh Shi Dae for an example. While they have a lot of guys (and girls, maybe) loving them, they also have a massive number of antis/haters watching every move they make. It’s kinda twisted though. Why would they stalk (?) someone they hate so much? Well, stalk is probably not the right term. These girls even have their #1 hater group called STAND subs who has the motto: “Be strong ’til all 9 are gone“. They (fake) sub videos of Korean songs into words that are strongly against the mentioned group. SNSD is probably the only group in the kpop industry who has their own anti website and that is a very sad thing to know because no one likes to be hated. Especially by a huge number of people. Right?

When a certain group makes a mistake, antifans or fans of another group will make the issue bigger or make a fuss out of it which is very annoying. Why can’t they just quit hating and continue fangirling/fanboying over their favorite groups? Most of the antis I see in the net are very rude. They don’t know how to make their statements politically and grammatically correct though they are a few who cite their reasons on why they don’t like the group with the correct usage of words. I respect those kind of fans and I respect their stand about why they hate on them. Usually, fangirls of male idol groups hate on girl groups because they’re getting chummy with their boys. Cassopeia is the largest fanbase of the entire Korean music industry. Most of the cassies are probably Antis of SNSD and few of them are also SONES (or SNSK shippers). Well here’s what I can say to the Cassies/Antis: the DBSK boys are actually SNSD fanboys. You can search for it on youtube and you’ll see Xiah Junsu dancing to SNSD songs. My point here is that us fangirls don’t really have a chance to be with our favorite male group and that they should just leave the poor (?) girls alone. They’re not really doing anything wrong. The same thing goes for the ELFs of Super Junior and all the other fans of male groups who has worked with SNSD. Most of the Wonderfuls, or the WonderGirls fans, are also SNSD antis…. I hate it when people compare these two groups. Both groups are friends so suck. it. up.

I also noticed that there are a lot of anti videos and hate comments about Jessica, TaeYeon, Tiffany, and Yoona while none for SooYoung, Yuri and maknae SeoHyun. If they hate a certain member of a group, why do they hate the group as a whole? Antis can’t probably find some flaws from the last three members that I mentioned.

I also find some fans annoying. They keep on defending their favorite group and most of them just can’t argue with enough decency. Most of their replies to negative comments are very vulgar. Why can’t they just give comments in a calm manner and not put exclamation points at the end of their sentences or swear/curse in their posts. If they want to defend their own group, they don’t have to pull the reputation of the group lower. If they continue to be rude, other fans will think that the fans of this certain group are rude/violent and consider them as outcasts.

IMO, I think the most behave fans are the VIPs or the BigBang fans (Yeah! Proud to be VIP!). They don’t really care who gets close with their boys and I don’t see much bashing from them. They also don’t get jealous when their sister group, 2NE1 gets close with one of the boys. In sum, I think YG fans are mature and unbiased.

On the contrary, I think most of the SME fans (Sones, Cassies, Elfs…) are quite aggressive in their fangirling/fanboying. They tend to go far for the sake of their idol groups. Most of these fans are rich people willing to pay big for their fave group’s albums and goodies .

I don’t know what will happen after I publish this post. Maybe I’ll be flooded with negative comments just posting the things that I wanted to say… Well, who knows….

I really suck at ending posts like these.. Gawwd….


Note: The ones with normal font are my thoughts. The italicized one are my sub thoughts….



  1. Well, i will tell you the truth, I HATE snsd but… how much i hate them i keep inside of me and not bash them since i don’t want Sones to say bad about my idol. AND thats the truth since im not that type of person who express their feelings well. I do visit their ANTI site but i’m not a registered member. Anyway, how much i really really hate SNSD, i find jessica real pretty with blonde hair. *slap myself for saying that*

    Oh yea, YG fans are well behave but some new kpop fans or some certain girl’s fans from other country ruined the image of YG fans. But then again its true YG fans are well behave and even VIPs.

    • Thank you for stating your opinion… *Finally! A real comment on one of my posts..*

      I respect your thoughts about SNSD…. Thank you for being honest and for being one of the fans that I respect.

      Even though our thoughts are quite different, hand down to you for being respectful.

      Glad to know that there is still an anti who can say their stand and being rude about it…^^

  2. To those who want to leave comments in this post, Anti or not.. Don’t be afraid to express your opinions. Just be courteous about it and don’t bash.

    The SONES won’t kill you if you just say what’s on your mind…. Properly…..

  3. wow.. You are not talking about 2pm.. That’s nice. Now hottests are added to the people who dislike snsd to an extent. Good for snsd, hottests are not as awful as cassies and elfs.

    • Well I did say…

      ‘and all the other fans of male groups who has worked with SNSD. ‘

      But thanks for pointing out my mistake… I forgot about the hottests…. Not really a big fan of 2PM.. Sorry…

      Yah.. The hottests hate snsd. But the Sones also hate 2PM.. I think… Because of the Taec-Yoon Thing…. I don’t really like seeing this fans having arguments in soompi, youtube or any other sites related to kpop…

      I’ll add 2PM and hottests in my tags so that I can include them in this post…..

      PS: SOME of the Hottests can be aggressive too…. Have you heard about Yoona’s bloody letter? It was actually an anti/hottest who sent it to her…

  4. Nice articles. I agree with most of ur comments. And even if I’m a Sone, I won’t kill you, so dun worry. I agree mostly with your assessment of antis.For me it is unreasonable for someone to spend their time on a group they hate. Stalking them to no end, watching their every moves, building own website.I mean, if you hate a group/a person just don’t watch them. Easy. And most of the reason they hate are questionables e.g. the STANDers. They say SNSD are rude (Stands are no angel either), plastic (so what?It’s a norm in KPOP), can’t sing (why hate someone who can’t sing) and finally for getting close to boybands (the boybands would prefer SNSD than them any day). The most annoying part is their acting like a party pooper. Imagine reading a news on SNSD winning an award and have litttle hurrah, suddenly someone come with comments that SNSD/the song sucks and they don’t deserve the award, that’s really anoying rite. So yeah, when we get pissed off we might be misbehaved too.
    I don’t agree with 2 points though. Firstly on the SME fans and especially Sones.We arent gun jumping people looking to kill anyone that doesnt agree with us.Of course I’m talking in general. If you watch us in public site like Allkpop and see those antis bashing our groups and spoil our party then of course we won’t be nice (most of them are blackjacks, but I’ll have a good faith that they are rouge ones while generally blackjacks are good) I also wouldnt say hottest are generally bad because 1 maniac sent bloody threat letter to Yoona.I’m pretty sure that girl is the one who sent the bloody love letter to Taec. And Sones don’t hate 2PM. If you visit soshified then you’ll find out that we love Taec-Yoong or previously Nick-Yoong and JaySica as much as other pairings with other groups. So generally we are civil to fans of other groups as long as they don’t start throwing crap at us first. Secondly, I’m so going to kill you for suggesting Taeng go solo. Haha. Joking. She might be doing it every occasionally as a part of SNSD or individually when SNSD is no longer active together (which is realistically would happen some day.Can’t say the D-word though).

    • Hahah… About the Taeng-going-solo point.. I realized that it would be better if she’ll stay in SNSD for awhile. It’s not yet time for her to go on her own. I made an article about this saying that she should switch to JYP but after the JYP vs Hottests mess, it made me think that it would be better if she will stay on SM entertainment.

      And about the fans, I was talking about the Korean fans but thank you for pointing out my mistake and not including the international fans. Korean VIPs and Blackjacks and fans of other YG artists are well-mannered unlike some international Blackjacks that I always see badmouthing SNSD.

      • Cheers mate. I personally hope that Taeng release a solo album every now and then while she is still in SNSD.It seems plausible within the system as they sometimes releases album/singles that dont include all 9, remember Oppa Nappa by JeTiHyun?

  5. I so agree with you that YG fans are mature. But there are fans of a certain 2ne1 member that are really annoying. They worship a pairing sooo much and all they do is find “evidence” and bash other pairings. Seriously, they need a LIFE.

    • Woah!~ Didn’t about those type of fans. Where’d ya found ’em? Thanks 4 letting me know.

      Yeah. It’s kinda immature. I wish they would stop doing that.

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