Happy New Year!! Welcome 2010!!! (And Belated Merry Christmas)

Hope this year, thing will be much better for me...

When will all this procrastinating end?

I was not able to make posts about the Daejuns and I started a new post about ZARD but I was not able to finish it…

Well, who cares anyway.. It’s not like somebody is reading everything I post in here.. I’m just doing this just for fun…

Anyway… Back to business…




I was not able to update my blog last Christmas… So I want to give my late Christmas greeting…

2009 was quite a good year for me. This is the year I first entered college and I was also became addicted to kpop this year.

For my New Year’s Resolution, I won’t be making any this year… I ‘ll forget it anyway..

And staying away from fire crackers might be a good idea… Don’t wanna get injuries because of them.. Again.. ^^


I also noticed that I don’t put my signature on  the last part quite often.. Lazy me.. Tsk 3x…


Christmas Break: I Need To Watch More Ghibli Flicks

I have seen almost all of Miyazaki and Takahata sensei's works.. It's time to see the unseen flicks.. And besides, it's christmas so watching Ghibli movies would be a great idea...

It’s finally Christmas break

And I need to something to keep myself away from bed…

Watching other Ghibli movies that I have not seen might be a good idea…

Here’s the list of the Ghibli Movies that I have not yet seen because I thought they are not interesting:

-Porco Rosso

-Ocean Waves

-Pom poko

-My Neighbor the Yamadas

-Tales of the Earthsea

-Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

How can I call myself a Ghibli Maniac when I have not even seen all of their movies…

But I still have to search for sites that stream Ghibli movies… They’re VERY RARE… And I don’t trust torrents…

—-> Kurisumasu is almost here Minna!!<—-

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