YG… You have Impressed Me Again w/ 2 MVs….

2NE1’s TRY TO FOLLOW ME MV… Yes..It’s Try to Follow me… Not Copy me…

The girls have shown their choreographic prowess…

Fave parts: Vader Dara chasing storm troopers CL and Minzy and everything w/ CL on it….

❤ the Star Wars Hat… Esp. the R2D2 one….

BIGBANG’s Lollipop 2 MV

Not as good as the first one (Maybe ‘coz 2NE1 was on it) but it’s okay…

Good to see T.O.P. dancing….. xD

And the Lollipop girl’s kinda pretty… (At first, I thought it was F(x)’s Sulli ‘coz of the hair…)

YG… You’re the hippest boss evarr…. Hands down…

And now, waiting for the ‘Black Soshi’ MV to be released on MArch 18…..



Top 5 Korean Male Group Vocals (IMO)

Here are the boys with top vocals for me….. Don’t bash me… It’s just my opinion…^^

1.) TaeYang (YB)- I love the smoothness of his voice. He gives me the “Chris Brown/Ne-Yo” feel. When I listened to Wedding dress & Only look at me, I think he did pretty well in those songs. And he dances well too. Dancing and singing at the same time is not easy and I think YB does well in Live performances.

2.) Xiah Junsu- DBSK fangirls (Cassies) might kill me for putting him in second place. I love his voice but everytime I compare his voice with Bigbang’s TaeYang, I thing YB has a better voice. I still think Xiahtic is Jjang!

3.) Hero Jaejoong- His voice is so smooooth~ I like his pitch….^^

4.) Max Changmin & U-know Yunho  – Maknae’s voice is good too!! And I think he sings better than Mickey… Don’t kill me Micky-biased cassies…^^

5.) A tie bet. Daesung & Micky Yoochun- These guys ends my top five. I think Daesung’s problem is that it seems like he’s forcing his voice to go higher sometimes and Yoochun is a good singer too… All the DBSK boys are great. It was a hard choice bet. him and Maknae though..^^

But I prefer Micky’s rap over YunHo’s.. Kekekekek.. 😛

DBSK & BigBang Dominated my list…^^


2009 Melon Awards: Somewhat Disappointing

SuJu has one award only... Hmmm.... And I thought that the Melon Awards was SM-biased?!

Instead of studying for my Prelim exam, I ended up watching the 2009 Melon Awards last night because I was anticipating for it like just like how I waited for the MAMA awards and I thought that the MAMA was not good.

But somehow.. I find the Melons a little disappointing…

I’m happy that SNSD won awards but I think 6 awards is just too much…

It made me think that the Melon awards is not SM-biased like the GDAs, it  was SNSD-biased…

I mean, come on! SuJu only won one (Top 10) award when sorry sorry was preferably the winner for the MV of the year instead of Gee.

And Shinee did not even win an award….

It was good that GDragon and DBSK won an award even though they were not present….

And about the girl group perf, it wold have been better there was a joint perf of the 4 groups.. I wanted to see 2ne1 and SNSD perform together but I didn’t get what I expected….

I also noticed that when SNSD won an award, Taeyeon was crying and Sooyoung and Tiffany didn’t hug her like they used to. And some members are distancing from her.. Did they have a fight or something? If it was a misunderstanding among the members, is it because of what Taeyeon said in a recent episode of strong heart? (See previous post) I hope they clear this up because I don’t want to see them like that.