2 Different Tears MV=DAEBAK!!!

They’re BACK!!!

And hey, Newbie Hae is not that bad too. Love her English part BTW.

The English one is the BEST version.

And LOLOLOL @ JYP’s Blond wig.

And WOW! it’s Number one in its immediate release? KEWLL.

Wonder Girls DAEBAK!!

And I hope Mimi will return to them. Soon.



I Knew This Was Coming…

2PM's Leadja

JYP has declared that Jaebum of 2PM will not be comin back….

It shattered the hopes of the hottests waiting for him around the world…

Like I always say, I’m not really a big fan of 2PM but wirh all the hottests, waiting for him to come back.

I felt sorry for them…

A have some friends who are 2PM fans and they were saddened because their ‘pink grandpa’ is not coming back.

Poor JYP… How can he handle this situation. Not to mention  th SunMi leaving  WG issue. He’s receiving a lot of hate now.

But he should not have done that thing. Giving the hottests high hopes then shattering it after a few months. Maybe that’s what’s gonna happen ro SunMi

Now, there are mixed emotions: Anger, Sadness & Betrayal…

Is 2010 another bad year for Kpop?


Not a Sone But a TaeYeon-Biased Fan Girl

My One and Only.. In SNSD...

I’m not really an SNSD fan right now…

I just think that TaeYeon is awesome….

Though she made some mistakes in the past (which most of the antis took advantage of)…

I still like her…

She may not be perfect but she definitely has a good character…

And I don’t think she has undergone plastic surgery…

And her voice is different from some other singers that I have heard…

She doesn’t mind singing and dancing to other artists’ songs (YG, JYP, etc..)

And I also think that….

SHE SHOULD GO SOLO… SHE SHOULD LEAVE SNSD… And SM Entertainment for good…. (SONES. don’t kill me… It’s just my opinion..)

JYP would like to have her on his side….

Taengoo~ Leave SM ent. and go to JYPE….. The Wonder girls are part of that family…. I love TaeTae and the WG together….

Maknae Seororo, The dorky SooYoung, and the one-who-gets-the-less-love HyoYeon are part of the “members I appreciate” list too…


Good Luck to My Mimi and Welcome to the Newest Member of WG

I'll surely miss this cute alien....

SunMi, My favorite Alien from WG, decided to quit and pursue her dreams of finishing her studies..

It’s quite sad but if she decided it, then I’ll give her my full support… Huhuhuhu.. Mimi~ I’ll miss this Dork….

I wish her nothing but the best… I hope her dreams of invading saving the earth will be achieved

And I hope she does come back as she finishes her studies because the Wonder Girls will never be the same without her…

The only alien who is obsessed with Taengoo the earth.. And by obsessed meaning she loves to save it… Not Invade it..

And welcome to the newest addition to the WonderGirls, Lim… She can’t replace Mimi but I hope that she’ll do great…^^