Happy New Year!! Welcome 2010!!! (And Belated Merry Christmas)

Hope this year, thing will be much better for me...

When will all this procrastinating end?

I was not able to make posts about the Daejuns and I started a new post about ZARD but I was not able to finish it…

Well, who cares anyway.. It’s not like somebody is reading everything I post in here.. I’m just doing this just for fun…

Anyway… Back to business…




I was not able to update my blog last Christmas… So I want to give my late Christmas greeting…

2009 was quite a good year for me. This is the year I first entered college and I was also became addicted to kpop this year.

For my New Year’s Resolution, I won’t be making any this year… I ‘ll forget it anyway..

And staying away from fire crackers might be a good idea… Don’t wanna get injuries because of them.. Again.. ^^


I also noticed that I don’t put my signature on  the last part quite often.. Lazy me.. Tsk 3x…


SBS Gayo Daejun: This Is It!

2ne1's Gong Minji

So Nyuh Shi Dae's Kim Hyo Yeon

So Nyu Shi Dae's Kim Hyo Yeon

Joo Yeon {Jewelry} & Nicole {KARA} & Hyun Ah {4Minute} & Hyo Yeon {SNSD} & GaHee {After School} & Minji {2NE1} Dance Stage @ Gayo Daejun

Now this will make-up for the MMA expectation.

I want to see a Minji and Hyo Yeon showdown!!

The dancing queens of kpop..

SNSD Concert: I Wish I Could See it but I Can’t…

Finally!! A year-end treat for the SONES in Korea...

SNSD’s first solo concert… Tomorrow.. Can’t see.. *Sniff*

I’ll just be waiting for fancams to be uploaded in youtube.. Or I can stay tuned to Allkpop, my ultimate kpop source…

I hope they do well in their first concert…

SNSD Unnies!! Hwaiting!!

And it’s also their first Asia tour… *Sigh* I wish they can visit the Philippines but I know I can’t ask for the impossible…

Christmas Break: I Need To Watch More Ghibli Flicks

I have seen almost all of Miyazaki and Takahata sensei's works.. It's time to see the unseen flicks.. And besides, it's christmas so watching Ghibli movies would be a great idea...

It’s finally Christmas break

And I need to something to keep myself away from bed…

Watching other Ghibli movies that I have not seen might be a good idea…

Here’s the list of the Ghibli Movies that I have not yet seen because I thought they are not interesting:

-Porco Rosso

-Ocean Waves

-Pom poko

-My Neighbor the Yamadas

-Tales of the Earthsea

-Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

How can I call myself a Ghibli Maniac when I have not even seen all of their movies…

But I still have to search for sites that stream Ghibli movies… They’re VERY RARE… And I don’t trust torrents…

—-> Kurisumasu is almost here Minna!!<—-

2009 Melon Awards: Somewhat Disappointing

SuJu has one award only... Hmmm.... And I thought that the Melon Awards was SM-biased?!

Instead of studying for my Prelim exam, I ended up watching the 2009 Melon Awards last night because I was anticipating for it like just like how I waited for the MAMA awards and I thought that the MAMA was not good.

But somehow.. I find the Melons a little disappointing…

I’m happy that SNSD won awards but I think 6 awards is just too much…

It made me think that the Melon awards is not SM-biased like the GDAs, it  was SNSD-biased…

I mean, come on! SuJu only won one (Top 10) award when sorry sorry was preferably the winner for the MV of the year instead of Gee.

And Shinee did not even win an award….

It was good that GDragon and DBSK won an award even though they were not present….

And about the girl group perf, it wold have been better there was a joint perf of the 4 groups.. I wanted to see 2ne1 and SNSD perform together but I didn’t get what I expected….

I also noticed that when SNSD won an award, Taeyeon was crying and Sooyoung and Tiffany didn’t hug her like they used to. And some members are distancing from her.. Did they have a fight or something? If it was a misunderstanding among the members, is it because of what Taeyeon said in a recent episode of strong heart? (See previous post) I hope they clear this up because I don’t want to see them like that.

2ne1 and SNSD special stage at the 2009 Melon Awards: Please Tell Me This Shizz Will Happen

Omo!! IssizTrue?!

Two of my favorite girl groups, 2ne1 and SNSD will have a special stage together.. With BEG and KARA..

OMG!! I loved their interaction beauty talk on Inkigayo.. and now, they will be performing on the same stage…

I wonder what’s in store for us kpop fans at the Melon Music Awards…

I enjoyed the MAMA awards but there was no SNSD there so if they’re gonna be there… the Melons will surely ROCK my SOCK….

But I’m still a loyal Wonder Generation fan though.. Wish the WG can attend the Melons but they can’t… They’re very busy in their US tour and they’ll be conquering UK next so they’re gonna be very busy.

2ne1 & SNSD Hwaiiting!!

Super Generation Love: Heechul & Taeyeon Hug at GDA 2009

Awww… What a scene.. ^_^

I know this is kinda late but who cares…

I loved the hug between Heenim and Taengoo at the GDA’s..

But I don’t think it’s romantic…

They’re like siblings… Like an older brother hugging her younger sister…

I want Heechul to hug me too.. Taengoo~ I’m soo jealous…..

But I love Taengoo with Kangin… I wish it was him who hugged her

Super Generation Hwaiiting!! ^_^

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