Osashiburi Deeesu~

Teppei-kuun~ I miss hiiim~

I’m baaaaack!!!~

And it’s wrong timing for a comeback blog. School’s starting tomorrow.

Oh well, at least I’m maintaining this pathetic blog of mine (I wonder if somebody actually read my posts? Tsk. I goes there’s none).

Yes. I am continuing this shizz. ‘Coz I want to maintain it.

I started a lot of blogs and always ending up not updating them.

But my wordpress blog won’t be the same.

I guess I’m just not into twitter…. xD



Osu!~ Been a While

Yamapii~ I kinow this pic is kinda OoT but I love him. So what?!

I have been on hiatus for almost two months ( I guess).

It was because:

-My darned PC has been broken for 2 months and was fixed just last week.

-I had to take summer classes (Don’t even ask why I had to take them).

-I had to stay away from my addictions ‘coz they might distract me.

-I had to keep myself busy so that I’ll not be distracted.

-I thought I was gaining weight so I had to work on a plan on losing weight.

-I was busy thinking about my country’s future (The elections was upcoming that time. Yes people, I am concerned w/ things people consider boring like politics).

So much for the reasons why I was gone, I surely missed a lot of things like:

-Kpop comebacks : Afterschool, Lee Hyori, SuJu, F(x) & WG

– A lot of Naruto & Bleach episodes pluse the 3rd shippuden movie

-Jpop comebacks: News & Kat tun (No Akinishi *sniff)

-Taengoo’s musical (AIGOO~)

-Shugo Chara Encore chapters

-A lot of kpop & Jpop news

-Taengoo leaving ChinChin (BUTTHURT)

-HeeNim as a DJ (YAY! but I want him back on variety shows)

-Heechul on FO 2 (w/ Jo Kwon. EPIC)

-And a lot more

But anyways, I’m OFFICIALLY BACK… xD


Not Getting Involved For A While….

The kpop world is getting too chaotic for me to handle…

Issues about SuJu & Hankyung are not yet resolved…

Too much fanwars amongst fans of girl groups..

And too much problem from JYPE..

So I’m not posting anything about kpop for now… (Except for light topics)

And I’ll have a week of rest from anything kpop..

As a matter of fact, I changed my header from THSK to Belphegor… ‘Coz I love KHR…. (Cr. of Newspaper brush: Someone from Dev. whose name escapes me).


Juuuung Yooooong Whaaaa~

Chu~ ❤


I lurvve him… And Jeremy HongKi too….^^

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Wha


Oetoriya~ Oetoriya~ Daradiridaradoo~

CN BLUE and YongWha Zzang!!!


Being Booed by The Audience and And Not Minding What Has Happened is a Valiant Effort…

Just went to a mini-concert tonight….. A concert sponsored by my college organization in my university.

A blockmate (classmate) of mine is one of the performers. She’s the lead guitarist of her band.

Due to some technical difficulties, they were not able to perform right away.

While fixing the problem, some rude guy started shouting along with his friends. They wanted them to start right away.

The band performed quite well. They also sang songs that I knew like Crush & Ignorance by Paramore then Especially for you by MYMP (Don’t know the original singer of this song).

But the worst part is, while performing, the boys sitting at the back started booing at them because they wanted something more louder than what the band was performing.

They were also booing at the band…. Tsk… Quite rude right?

But what bothered me was that I was more irritated of the boys sitting at the back than the vocalist of the band ever was.

Poor girl… What if I was in her situation? I would definitely lose my cool and start shouting cuss words on their faces.

She just continued performing like nothing happened. Props to her for being like that.

And I also felt sorry for my blockmate. They didn’t deserve a treatment like that.

The band was so professional. They didn’t mind the rude behavior displayed by some of the audience.

And the boys sitting at my back. Were they really upperclassmen? Or better yet.. Were they really Psychology majors? I thought Psych majors are supposed to be mature. And they also smelled like cigarette. I doubt that those students were Ateneans or students of XU.

I can probably compare what happened tonight to what happened during the silent protest while SNSD was performing in the 2008 Dream Concert. Rude Antis boycotting their performance. True, They did something wrong because of their misbehavior but they didn’t deserved to be booed or boycotted by thousands or millions of people. And their fans are the ones to be blamed because they were the ones who cause the ruckus during the concert. It’s good that they continued performing while the audience were silent and some booing at them. That is how true professionals act. Truly, a Valiant effort.

Arrrghh…. Tonight’s event really irked me.. Tsk….


When LSS Strikes….

Can't get it off of my head~


It’s the famous line from Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance… Can’t stop singing this song on my mind and every time that I’m alone….

It’s stuck on my head… I can’t stop singing… I’m just like a broken record..

Have you heard of disease called LSS? Also known as Last Song Syndrome?

Its only symptom…. When you find yourself singing the last song or any song that you have heard and you just can’t stop singing or humming its tune… There’s a certain line on that song that you just can’t stop singing…

I am a frequent victim of the disease…

And I can’t stop singing bad romance right now…

You don’t have to like that song if you can’t stop singing it.

I was LSS’d w/ Brittney’s Womanizer and I don’t even like that song….

Some of the famous songs that I got LSS’d with:

  • I Don’t Care (2NE1)- I hated kpop at that time because I was a full-pledged jpop lover (See previous post about being kpop retarded for more info). This song was played everywhere. On the Radio, the TV, and even on the cellphones and ipods/mp3s of people I know. At first, I thought this was annoying because this song became stuck in my mind but later on, I began liking this song and kpop in general. I Don’t Care Eh eh eh eh eh~
  • Gee (SNSD)- Same case with I Don’t Care. IDC and Gee became stuck on my my head at the same time. I can’t even stop dancing (When I’m alone, of course). Gee gee gee gee gee Baby baby baby~
  • Any Shugo Chara song- Maybe because I watched too much Shugo Chara.
  • Lady Gaga Songs- Just Dance~ Popopopokerface popopokerface~ Caaaught in a baaaad romaaaance~ The power of teh Gaga….

And a lot more…. My list is quite long….

I think that the only possible cure for this disease is time… You’ll get sick of singing this certain song someday…

Ohhhhhhhhhh………….. Caught in a BAD ROOOOMAAAANCEEE~


I Made this Post at exactly 2:05 in the Morning And I was Supposed to be Sleeping But I’m Not

And I still have to go to school...... Later....

Stupid title for a stupid post….

I’ve been staying up to late right now.

I actually have reasons:

1.) I can’t sleep ‘coz I’ve been reading a lot of stuff related to American and Japanese murders lately. What I have read was so disturbing that I can’t really go to sleep right now. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. Maybe it’s I feel  sorry for the victims (Mostly young women and children) because the don’t deserve to receive such misfortunes. I’m known for being a heartless girl who loves anything related to horror and suspense but I also have a soft spot for children.

2.) I am contemplating on whether to make my Biology report which is due tomorrow or not. My procrastination has already gone too far.

3.) I volunteered in making my brother’s assignment so that I can have an excuse for using the computer. I am soo going to heaven (borrowed taht from Bandslam).

And last….

4.)  I officially became addicted to Plants vs. Zombies so I ended up playing it…. I had to use the alt+Tab too much just to switch from the game to the web browser and Microsft word. The Zombies kept on eating my brain.

After typing this post.. Maybe I’ll go to sleep…….. Good night… I mean… Morning……..