Because I Love Them. PERIOD

Biases in every group. Everyone has them right?

I mean  you can like all of them but there has to be someone that stands out in the group.

NOTE: Sometimes Dorkiness adds points.

Now these are both jpop and kpop groups:

KPOP Groups:

1.) CL (2NE1)– Explained in one of my previous posts. Don’t have to explain further. And I was actually drawn to her creative sense of style.

Though when it comes to dorkiness, Dara outshines CL-Roo with her witty antics.

2.) HeeChul (Super Junior)– The one and only Cinderella of SuJu. His antics never fail to amuse me. But I had a hard time choosing between him and LeeTeuk who’s personality is also interesting.

No doubt, Heesica Heechul is the most beautiful Suju member.

3.) JaeJoong (DBSK)– Whoo~ This was hard. YunJae was always a package. I had a hard time choosing between the both of them. But of course, Jaejoong won because of his so-called cuteness. I even remembered KHJ calling him the effeminate one. And he’s clumsy too!! xD

4.) TOP (BigBang)– This quiet young man’s dorky moments are rare so I treasure each and one ’em. He’s usually dorky only when he’s with the BB boys. I like him for being quiet and unpredictably dorky.

5.) TaeYeon (SNSD)– I know that I also explained it in a previous post but I’m gonna add something that I forgot to put in my previous blog. I can actually relate to this dorky little creature. She’s actually quiet which actually contradicts her witty self in variety shows. I’m also introverted myself. I know it’s a bad thing not to show your true self but I think she has the right to hide her thoughts. Right?

I don't have to explain over and over again why I like her. *DORK*

6.) SunYe (WG)– I know, I have a thing for girl leaders.  But from my three biases, I think SunYe stands out because of her good personality. Her motherly image is even on par with TaeYeon’s because of her love for her co-members (Ummas FTW?). And after Mimi’s departure, I think she was the one who was deeply affected. And of course, she’s a family person meaning she cares for her family very much.

Yep. This is our Min Leader for you.

Jpop Groups:

1.) Yamapi (News)– I am also a sucker for guys with Soul-less eyes (TOP and JaeJoong) and Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) is one of them. Although I also had a hard time choosing between him and Tegoshi (Mecha-kawaii!!!) And he’s a Kim HyunJoong look-a-like too (AlthoughI love KHJ but I don’t like ss501).

Yamapi's stare *Swoon*

2.) Koharu-chan (MoMusu)– Explained in a previous blog. But Kawaii~ Kawaii~ Koha-chan is not part of MoMusu anymore.

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

Now that Koha-chan is gone, how will I ever like MoMusu again? (Though I'm starting to like leader Ai Takahasi)

3.) Nino (Arashi)– Itooshi~ Itooshi Nino-kuun~ is my favorite. ‘Coz MatsuJun is already taken by one of my friends. But Nino kun is equally good looking so I chose him over Matsujun.


4.) Kimutaku (SMAP)– The first SMAP member that I remembered. Although I love all of ’em, Kimura Takuya stands out to me the most. Although he’s quite old now, he’s still as dashing as ever (Kinda like KangTa? Lolz).

Kawaii ne?

5.) Jin (Kat Tun)– Another hard one. This time it’s Jinjin versus Kame but I’ve decided that my friend (The same friend that liked Mastujun) and I would share Kame with her and that Jin jin would be mine.

Sekushii~ No?

I still like the others though (some of ’em, perhaps) but these are the ones that have really caught my picky taste in favorites. Although some of the reasons are quite lame, I don’t care. All I know is that I LIKE THEM.



Super Show 2 on Manila: Hoping For the Impossible

Haaaaaowwww.... Aigoooooo~ Me likes too see tooooo~

Omona! And it’s confirmed too!!

Now I have a reason to ponder why Manila is the capital of the Philippines…

Life is soo unfair…..

SUPER JUNIOR is coming to the PHILIPPINES for their 2nd Asia Tour…

And I can’t see it ‘coz I don’t even live in Manila…. The capital… Tch!

When I heard about this last Friday, I didn’t believe the news at first because there was no confirmation from SME at that time… And the last knwn stop of the tour is on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…..


But then again, there are some things in life that are very out of reach…

The Lucky ELFs of Manila are gonna see them..*Sigh* Oh well… Envy will get me nowhere…. Good for them…..

Maybe I’ll see them 10 years later.. And I know that they will still be good-looking even on their mid or late thirties…

And I think Manila was just added in the tour… Sheesh SM, give these boys the rest they deserve….



I LOVE DongBangJunior

Proclaiming my love to my TOP 3....

I know… I suck at Hangul…

I just want to proclaim my love for these three groups..

Made with Photofiltre….

I am a proud CassieVIPElf




What’s up and a Closer Look on Kpop Fans… And Antifans..

More like: "How many weeks has it been?" Since I last updated this poor blog of mine.. Tsk 3x...

Osu! Yoboseyo! Kekekeke… 😀

It’s been a while since I last updated my blog…. Procrastinating much?

A lot has happened and I was not able to post anything on my blog on the past few weeks. I almost lost faith in SNSD (Because of a certain website whose name escapes me). Luckily, after reading some posts from soompi, I realized that no one is perfect. Idols can make mistakes too. Although I’m not really a big fan of SNSD anymore. Only of TaeYeon. I still think she rocks. She should go solo (Gawdd, the SONES are gonna kill me for saying that). I still like some of them: My Taengoo, Seororo the Maknae, SooYoung the Shikshin & HyoYeon the Dancing Queen (She needs more love y’know). About the other members.. I’m still contemplating…

And I also became an AfterSchool and Brown Eyed Girls fantard. Park Kahi (or GaHee) and Ga-In were added to my list of favorite Korean girls alongside with CL, TaeYeon and Amber. And CN Blue is officially added in my list of boybands to fangirl with.

I know, I’m nuts…. God, I sound so stupid….. I sound like some girl who has a crush with someone with the same sex. But who cares. JiSook of the girl group Rainbow and SunMi of the WonderGirls are TaeYeon fangirls too and so are some of the members of soompi and other forums and some people who have youtube accounts. I’m STRAIGHT….. I fangirl over BIGBANG, Super Junior and DBSK but I still think TaeYeon (and my other Korean girl idols: Park GaHee, CL, & Amber) is awesome.

And a few days ago, I started watching Japanese movies again to regain my identity as a Japanese culture lover. Been watching too much Korean stuff lately and kinda makes me sick. Kamikaze Girls was probably the best among the flicks that I have seen. Anna Tsuchiya is my HERO.

That’s what’s up for me in the past few weeks.

Now, I want to say something about Kpop fans… And Antifans..

Idol groups value their fans so much that they forget about their personal (love) life. They tend to serve them by giving them some taste of fan service (e.g. fan pairings) and they update their pages on the web just for them.

If  Idol groups have a lot of fans, they also have a bunch of antifans. Take So Nyuh Shi Dae for an example. While they have a lot of guys (and girls, maybe) loving them, they also have a massive number of antis/haters watching every move they make. It’s kinda twisted though. Why would they stalk (?) someone they hate so much? Well, stalk is probably not the right term. These girls even have their #1 hater group called STAND subs who has the motto: “Be strong ’til all 9 are gone“. They (fake) sub videos of Korean songs into words that are strongly against the mentioned group. SNSD is probably the only group in the kpop industry who has their own anti website and that is a very sad thing to know because no one likes to be hated. Especially by a huge number of people. Right?

When a certain group makes a mistake, antifans or fans of another group will make the issue bigger or make a fuss out of it which is very annoying. Why can’t they just quit hating and continue fangirling/fanboying over their favorite groups? Most of the antis I see in the net are very rude. They don’t know how to make their statements politically and grammatically correct though they are a few who cite their reasons on why they don’t like the group with the correct usage of words. I respect those kind of fans and I respect their stand about why they hate on them. Usually, fangirls of male idol groups hate on girl groups because they’re getting chummy with their boys. Cassopeia is the largest fanbase of the entire Korean music industry. Most of the cassies are probably Antis of SNSD and few of them are also SONES (or SNSK shippers). Well here’s what I can say to the Cassies/Antis: the DBSK boys are actually SNSD fanboys. You can search for it on youtube and you’ll see Xiah Junsu dancing to SNSD songs. My point here is that us fangirls don’t really have a chance to be with our favorite male group and that they should just leave the poor (?) girls alone. They’re not really doing anything wrong. The same thing goes for the ELFs of Super Junior and all the other fans of male groups who has worked with SNSD. Most of the Wonderfuls, or the WonderGirls fans, are also SNSD antis…. I hate it when people compare these two groups. Both groups are friends so suck. it. up.

I also noticed that there are a lot of anti videos and hate comments about Jessica, TaeYeon, Tiffany, and Yoona while none for SooYoung, Yuri and maknae SeoHyun. If they hate a certain member of a group, why do they hate the group as a whole? Antis can’t probably find some flaws from the last three members that I mentioned.

I also find some fans annoying. They keep on defending their favorite group and most of them just can’t argue with enough decency. Most of their replies to negative comments are very vulgar. Why can’t they just give comments in a calm manner and not put exclamation points at the end of their sentences or swear/curse in their posts. If they want to defend their own group, they don’t have to pull the reputation of the group lower. If they continue to be rude, other fans will think that the fans of this certain group are rude/violent and consider them as outcasts.

IMO, I think the most behave fans are the VIPs or the BigBang fans (Yeah! Proud to be VIP!). They don’t really care who gets close with their boys and I don’t see much bashing from them. They also don’t get jealous when their sister group, 2NE1 gets close with one of the boys. In sum, I think YG fans are mature and unbiased.

On the contrary, I think most of the SME fans (Sones, Cassies, Elfs…) are quite aggressive in their fangirling/fanboying. They tend to go far for the sake of their idol groups. Most of these fans are rich people willing to pay big for their fave group’s albums and goodies .

I don’t know what will happen after I publish this post. Maybe I’ll be flooded with negative comments just posting the things that I wanted to say… Well, who knows….

I really suck at ending posts like these.. Gawwd….


Note: The ones with normal font are my thoughts. The italicized one are my sub thoughts….

SNSD & SJ Seoul Song MV: Simply AMAJJING

Here’s the MV of SNSD and Super Junior’s Seoul Song…

Two Words: Wow! and Cuute!

This video makes you want to go to Seoul right now…

I love Kyuhyun! He’s so cute in the video,

The two maknaes of both group are cute here..

And Siwon and Taeyeon looked so cute together..

Let’s not forget about Sunny and Shindong…

SNSD and SuJu Hwaiiting!!

Too bad there’s no DBSK though…

Culture Shocked: Is This How Stardom in Korea Work?! O.O

Girls Generation a.k.a. So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD: Aww~ Why would some people hate these cuties?

I am new to this so-called Kpop love thingy and I have a lot to learn about how the entertainment industry in Korea works. But I also found out how much influence the fans and the netizens in Korea have.

They can send any star into death or make them leave the country for good.

I was just exaggerating about the death part (Maybe not).  It’s quite scary how things work in there. If one becomes a star, you can either have fans or even Antis.

One group famous for having a lot on antis and fans is the So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls Generation) also known as SNSD for the international fans. I found out that there was a silent protest for them for last year’s Dream Concert. Fans of other groups like SuJu, DBSK, and ss501 turned off their light sticks and refused  to cheer for them while performing. Others were also booing at them. Most of the  fans were at rage and started terrorizing/harassing the fan girls of the other groups and tearing down posters of the other fan clubs (Scary much). The Soshi antis also made petitions for them to disband like: Be Strong ’til all 9 are gone. It’s a good thing that they were able to make up for this year’s dream concert and the other fans also respected their performance and also cheered for them. There is really a long list for why their antis hate them. Some reasons are their misinterpreted actions, some little slips of their tongues and for stupid reasons like: “I hate them! They’re too close to my boybands “ . 2009 is really good for them because I don’t hear a lot of bashing for them anymore and they also have a lot of projects this year like the solo concert that they will be having on December. I also heard that the tickets for their concert was sold out in just three minutes. Pretty cool huh? This only shows that they have a lot of fans in Korea and that they’re also loved by the netizens there. This year was really a big comeback for them although 2Ne1 is probably the best group for this year.

Jaebum: 2PM's charismatic ex-leader

I’m not really a big fan of 2PM and I never listen to their songs but I can’t help but pity their leader ex-leader Jaebum. He went back to the US because of the mistake of a Korean Netizen. He posted some of Jaebum’s messages in myspace saying that the singer hates Korea and it’s people and that he wants to go back to the states. It created an uproar amongst the Korean netizens even asking Jae to leave the country or commit suicide. This is what leads to his sudden decision of leaving 2PM and Korea. When the said netizen apologized, it was already too late because Jae was already gone. 2PM fans were at rage and they boycotted some product endorsements and concerts (?) because they want their old leader back. I heard speculations that  Jae might have a comeback as 2PM’s leader but I don’t really have high hopes about  that.


Now I know… Fans are the one’s that make and break their stars. They also have the power to destroy artists and they can be very violent at times.



And now… I’m officially retarded… Thanks to K-pop….

SuJu by happydOrk of deviantart

SuJu by happydOrk of deviantart

It all started when I had a stupid argument with my elder sister. We argued about which is better: Kpop or Jpop.

She told me that Jpop is crap. All the singers are trying so hard to speak English but ends up speaking Engrish and that Japanese people are ugly. She also insisted that Kpop has more good looking guys and girls and the lyrics of Kpop songs are more understandable compared to shitty (Sorry) Jpop ones.

I tried to make a rebuttal but I hate to admit that…

She does have a point… Bleh! But I still think that Japanese songs are nice…

Recently, Korean songs have been extremely popular here in the Philippines. Some Korean artists also made their way to radio show countdowns and daily top 10 shows (e.g. 2ne1, Wonder girls). And it’s also quite annoying because I keep on hearing Korean songs being played numerous times already resulting to me having a case of LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

BIGBANG by Jarr07 of deviantart

BIGBANG by Jarr07 of deviantart

I don’t want to admit that I’m starting to like Kpop in front of my sister. She’ll only tease me and tell me that I’m not consistent with what I like (Stupid sister!). And right now, I am soo in love with Super Junior’s Kibum and Bigbang’s Top and GDragon. I love them!

I love Kpop… And Jpop too…