Not Getting Involved For A While….

The kpop world is getting too chaotic for me to handle…

Issues about SuJu & Hankyung are not yet resolved…

Too much fanwars amongst fans of girl groups..

And too much problem from JYPE..

So I’m not posting anything about kpop for now… (Except for light topics)

And I’ll have a week of rest from anything kpop..

As a matter of fact, I changed my header from THSK to Belphegor… ‘Coz I love KHR…. (Cr. of Newspaper brush: Someone from Dev. whose name escapes me).



I Knew This Was Coming…

2PM's Leadja

JYP has declared that Jaebum of 2PM will not be comin back….

It shattered the hopes of the hottests waiting for him around the world…

Like I always say, I’m not really a big fan of 2PM but wirh all the hottests, waiting for him to come back.

I felt sorry for them…

A have some friends who are 2PM fans and they were saddened because their ‘pink grandpa’ is not coming back.

Poor JYP… How can he handle this situation. Not to mention  th SunMi leaving  WG issue. He’s receiving a lot of hate now.

But he should not have done that thing. Giving the hottests high hopes then shattering it after a few months. Maybe that’s what’s gonna happen ro SunMi

Now, there are mixed emotions: Anger, Sadness & Betrayal…

Is 2010 another bad year for Kpop?


Black Rock Shooter- Imma Watch This One

The spring line up for new Animes looks promising.. But this one caught my attention.


The animation looks awesome. So does the story line. Now I have something to watch for the upcoming summer break.


SeoHyun and YongHwa are GETTING MARRIED? Not Jealous at all….

The next WGM couple

Our dearest CN Blue leader, Jung YongHwa is GETTING MARRIED? o.O

To our dearest SNSD maknae, SEOHYUN? o.O

Another SNSD member walks the isle?

The two of them are the next WGM couple…

And I’m absolutely, NOT jealous at ALL…^^

At least it’s to SEOHYUN, not to some other girls… My boy is in good hands…

But I heard that Seororo is known for being a MANHATER… She thinks that boys are gross and prefers SWEET POTATOES over them…

Good luck to YongWha… Hope He can change Maknae’s view on men….

Fighting!!! Saranghae, Jung Yong Hwa~

And Seo Ju Hyun~ Take care of him… Be a good wife… ;D


2NE1 Samsung Corby F CF: So This Was the MV That I Was Waiting For Huh?

On a previous post, I talked about 2NE1’s new song: Try to copy me (or Try to follow what I’m doing like others say).

I thought they were gonna make a new comeback song and compete with SNSD…. Again… Tsk…

But I was wrong…. The song was for  a CF (see video for more details).

And I said I was gonna wait for the MV of the song so this is it folks. The MV for Try to Copy Me.

CL is soo freakin’ CUTEE~ in this CF… And usually, you associate her with being bad-ass instead of cute…^^

Dara is dorky… As usual…^^

Can’t wait for their REAL comeback on April…^^


Juuuung Yooooong Whaaaa~

Chu~ ❤


I lurvve him… And Jeremy HongKi too….^^

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Wha


Oetoriya~ Oetoriya~ Daradiridaradoo~

CN BLUE and YongWha Zzang!!!


Hey, Give Lim a Chance….

SunMi’s replacement Lim has officially joined the WonderGirls…

And she’s been receiving a lot of hate heat lately…. Tsk….

Why won’t other fans give her a chance…

Though I gotta say SunMi had better vocals than her… And she’s pettier than her…

But we gotta give Lim a chance to show what she’s got….

This was Lim’s Pre-debut dance video…

She danced to Rihanna’s Let Me…

And it has the same choreo as 2NE1’s pre-debut vid with the same song..Tsk…

So I guess not only the Wonderfuls will be hating her…. But the Blackjacks as well? *Sigh*

Seriously people, give the poor girl a chance….

LIM FIGHTING!!! And SUNMI TOO!!! When she finishes her studies, she’ll join again to the now 6-member Wonder Girls.