Naniiii?! Shojo Jidaii datou?!

Ehhhhh?! O.O

Bikkurishita!!! O.O

SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae) will have their Japanese debut on September. Omomomomo!!

It is mor certain that they’ll end up like their sunbaes, CSJH & DBSK.

The former ventured Japan and failed while the latter became very successful but faced many problems concerning their contract.

And they’ll be working under Universal/Nayutawave records.

It’s too bad that they won’t be working under AVEX who was also responsible of Tohoshinki/DBSK’s and BoA’s fame in Japan.

And they have the face two of Jpop’s most powerful girl groups, Morning Musume and AKB48.

And I guess a lot of Jpop fans are not liking this idea too.

But with their single Oh! making a place in the Oricon, it might be a good sign. I think…..

Oh well, Ganbare!! Shojo Jidai!!

BTW, I’m quite nervous about their Japan debut. I do not know if they’ll be successful or not. And about their Nippon skills: Tiffany’s Japanese was HORRIBLE but I guess she’ll still improve. Good thing SeoHyun and SooYoung knows how to speak fluent Japanese.



Run DEVIL RUN!!! As in!!! NOW!!!


And also HyoYeon and Sunny…

But Soo is DEFINITELY a good rapper

And TAENG Stands out for me in the video (Taeganger here) Love all her singing parts….

This is still the Dance Version.. Will be looking forward to the Story Version…. (I’ll update this post when the story version is released).

Girls, you have left me BREATHLESS…..

Note: It’s a good thing Soshi released a song like this right? They should live up to their name: Girls’ Generation because they represent the girls of today. And this song promotes women empowerment (Which was brought to us by 2NE1 w/ their song I Don’t Care) so SoShi has definitely lived up to their name… Fighting!!!


Run Soshi Run!!!

Black Soshi: Run Devil Run

I heard Kesha did a song with the same title and tune as this… But I also heard that SNSD is the original artist and Kesha just made a sample…. Sheesh~ I don’t know what to believe….

Hmmm… But the song plus the teaser is interesting….

Will be looking forward to the MV tomorrow….

But I don’t know who sings what part yet…. Even their singing style has changed. I only recognized Tae’s part and she has impressed me again with her singing prowess…

And yet again… Yoona is in the center.. Tsk….


HyoYeon May Receive the Least Love in SNSD…

Hyo needs love too...

But she still has my love and appreciation…

She’s the best dancer in SNSD…

And she can be cute and dorky too… Like the other members…

But why is she the one who receives the least attention in the group?

And she only gets appreciated when she does an awesome dance adlib…

For me, she’s one of the best dancers among the kpop girl groups (W/ Park Kahi and Minji)

Kim HyoYeon…. You’re one of the BEST for me… Fighting!!!


Not a Sone But a TaeYeon-Biased Fan Girl

My One and Only.. In SNSD...

I’m not really an SNSD fan right now…

I just think that TaeYeon is awesome….

Though she made some mistakes in the past (which most of the antis took advantage of)…

I still like her…

She may not be perfect but she definitely has a good character…

And I don’t think she has undergone plastic surgery…

And her voice is different from some other singers that I have heard…

She doesn’t mind singing and dancing to other artists’ songs (YG, JYP, etc..)

And I also think that….

SHE SHOULD GO SOLO… SHE SHOULD LEAVE SNSD… And SM Entertainment for good…. (SONES. don’t kill me… It’s just my opinion..)

JYP would like to have her on his side….

Taengoo~ Leave SM ent. and go to JYPE….. The Wonder girls are part of that family…. I love TaeTae and the WG together….

Maknae Seororo, The dorky SooYoung, and the one-who-gets-the-less-love HyoYeon are part of the “members I appreciate” list too…


Why Do I Get The Feeling That Gee was better than Oh?!

Yes People.. I think Oh! is not that nice.. (SONES don’t kill MEE!!)

And I also think GEE was way better…

But Tell Me Your Wish is probably my favorite among the SNSD songs..

But the preview for the next MV was interesting….

A new look for SNSD perhaps?!


SNSD… Esp. TaeTae-Unni!!



2NE1 and SNSD: Like Oil and Water

Why can't they share the same stage?

2NE9, 9NE1, 2NE1 Generation, What do you actually call the 2NE1 and So Nyuh Shi Dae interaction??

Do they even interact?

SNSD and 2NE1 are one of the fierce competitors of the best Kpop girl group of 2009 alongside with KARA… They are also two of the most awaited comebacks 0f 2010 with Lee Hyori and BigBang….

We get to see KARA and SNSD interact.. And touch each other’s behind…

But why can’t the same thing happen between SNSD and 2NE1? (Not the butt slapping)

Every time I visit YT to watch SNSD and 2NE1 perfs, I always see Sones and BlackJacks boasting about which group is better. It was kinda heart-wrenching because I liked both groups.

While waiting for the Mnet Asian Music Awards and the first ever Melon Music Awards last November and December, I expected either a joint performance or  a dance battle between SNSD and 2NE1 (Of course, I want the other girl groups to be there too). But sadly, SM boycotted the MAMAs and yes, both groups were present during the Melon Music Awards but what I expected did not happen. I just shrugged it off. Maybe in the Music Festivals of the top three stations in Korea, their joint stage would be possible.

But no…. It did not happen.. Tsk…..

There was once a news (c. Daily Kpop News) about the SBS Gayo Daejun having a dance battle and the best dancers of each girl group is said to be participating in that dance battle. But sadly, the said dance battle was not continued.. For some reason I do not know….

I was hoping for a dance battle with HyoYeon and Minzy on it but I guess it’s impossible..*Sigh*
Yes… I gotta admit…. I am one of those delusional fans who were hoping that SNSD and 2NE1 would perform together… I’m crazy….. Right??

It’s Impossible….. For now…..Maybe Someday….
They do have a few though… Here are some EPIC moments of 2NE1 and SNSD together…

'The Leadas..' That's supposed to be a song right??

Inkigayo Girls Talk… Epic….

I was spazzing out when I saw my two favorite girls CL and TaeYeon together… And Sunny and Dara were both cute here…

I wish Tiffany was included in the “we are jealous of you” group… She’ll fit-in right?

And here’s a little clip of sunny being a Dara fangirll….

And another one… Kekekekeke..

Sandara Sun? IMO, Sunny is a secret fan girl of 2NE1’s Sandara Park…

HyunAh, Sandara, Jessica and JoKwon @ Idol Big Show 2009..

Sica hugging Dara and HyunAh…

My girl, TaeTae also loves to dance to 2NE1’s songs…

Dances and lipsynchs to I Don’t Care

She knows the steps.. SHE KNOWS IT…. She’s also a secret fan girl IMO….

Secret fan girl strikes again with Let’s Go Party….

For those fans who are asking if SNSD and 2NE1 are friends.. They ARE… They just don’t have the time to interact with each other. I hope the Blackjacks and Sones stop bashing each other because all the kpop artists in Korea are a ONE BIG FAMILY…

.. 2NE1 and SNSD ish always next to my Wonder Generation..

I’ll finish this post with this fanmade video….

SNSD lipsynching to 2NE1’s I Don’t Care ish EPIC


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