The So-Called ‘Truth’ about SoShi That Fans Must Know [Not an Anti Blog]

Taengoo says: YOU SHOULD KNOW!!!

SNSD is known for having a lot of ANTIs and Fans

As the saying goes…

Behind every successful group is a bunch of haters.

Look at Gaga and Bieber. They have loads of haters too. But they’re successful.

That was just an intro…

And this post is for all SNSD fans.

As we all know, the STANDers/SAFErs have this so-called ‘Truth’. I think a REAL Sowon (Sone) would know all about this so-called truth and he/she would still be a fan if even if he read all of the bad things said about SNSD.

I know.. I’ve been there before: STAND’s official website and a kpop news site called SHENYUEPOP. They almost shattered my established fandom for SNSD.

But, it didn’t happen. Because I found out what the ‘TRUTH’ really is.

That the girls are not perfect and they can make mistakes too. That Antis do not have the right to presume and to spread their so-called ‘black propaganda’ against SoShi (Like their so-called Hollywood Bowl Project ’09 which I think was a total failure. And last but not the least, both fans and Antis can be very shallow and that they should stop bashing each other.

Ever heard of the word, INDIFFERENCE? Dummies….

And for Fans, especially Newbies:

Please do know about the reasons why SNSD is hated. Your faith shall be tested. Let us see if you can survive as a Sowon.


then do come back to SOSHIFIED if your faith is not altered.



Being Booed by The Audience and And Not Minding What Has Happened is a Valiant Effort…

Just went to a mini-concert tonight….. A concert sponsored by my college organization in my university.

A blockmate (classmate) of mine is one of the performers. She’s the lead guitarist of her band.

Due to some technical difficulties, they were not able to perform right away.

While fixing the problem, some rude guy started shouting along with his friends. They wanted them to start right away.

The band performed quite well. They also sang songs that I knew like Crush & Ignorance by Paramore then Especially for you by MYMP (Don’t know the original singer of this song).

But the worst part is, while performing, the boys sitting at the back started booing at them because they wanted something more louder than what the band was performing.

They were also booing at the band…. Tsk… Quite rude right?

But what bothered me was that I was more irritated of the boys sitting at the back than the vocalist of the band ever was.

Poor girl… What if I was in her situation? I would definitely lose my cool and start shouting cuss words on their faces.

She just continued performing like nothing happened. Props to her for being like that.

And I also felt sorry for my blockmate. They didn’t deserve a treatment like that.

The band was so professional. They didn’t mind the rude behavior displayed by some of the audience.

And the boys sitting at my back. Were they really upperclassmen? Or better yet.. Were they really Psychology majors? I thought Psych majors are supposed to be mature. And they also smelled like cigarette. I doubt that those students were Ateneans or students of XU.

I can probably compare what happened tonight to what happened during the silent protest while SNSD was performing in the 2008 Dream Concert. Rude Antis boycotting their performance. True, They did something wrong because of their misbehavior but they didn’t deserved to be booed or boycotted by thousands or millions of people. And their fans are the ones to be blamed because they were the ones who cause the ruckus during the concert. It’s good that they continued performing while the audience were silent and some booing at them. That is how true professionals act. Truly, a Valiant effort.

Arrrghh…. Tonight’s event really irked me.. Tsk….


Culture Shocked: Is This How Stardom in Korea Work?! O.O

Girls Generation a.k.a. So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD: Aww~ Why would some people hate these cuties?

I am new to this so-called Kpop love thingy and I have a lot to learn about how the entertainment industry in Korea works. But I also found out how much influence the fans and the netizens in Korea have.

They can send any star into death or make them leave the country for good.

I was just exaggerating about the death part (Maybe not).  It’s quite scary how things work in there. If one becomes a star, you can either have fans or even Antis.

One group famous for having a lot on antis and fans is the So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls Generation) also known as SNSD for the international fans. I found out that there was a silent protest for them for last year’s Dream Concert. Fans of other groups like SuJu, DBSK, and ss501 turned off their light sticks and refused  to cheer for them while performing. Others were also booing at them. Most of the  fans were at rage and started terrorizing/harassing the fan girls of the other groups and tearing down posters of the other fan clubs (Scary much). The Soshi antis also made petitions for them to disband like: Be Strong ’til all 9 are gone. It’s a good thing that they were able to make up for this year’s dream concert and the other fans also respected their performance and also cheered for them. There is really a long list for why their antis hate them. Some reasons are their misinterpreted actions, some little slips of their tongues and for stupid reasons like: “I hate them! They’re too close to my boybands “ . 2009 is really good for them because I don’t hear a lot of bashing for them anymore and they also have a lot of projects this year like the solo concert that they will be having on December. I also heard that the tickets for their concert was sold out in just three minutes. Pretty cool huh? This only shows that they have a lot of fans in Korea and that they’re also loved by the netizens there. This year was really a big comeback for them although 2Ne1 is probably the best group for this year.

Jaebum: 2PM's charismatic ex-leader

I’m not really a big fan of 2PM and I never listen to their songs but I can’t help but pity their leader ex-leader Jaebum. He went back to the US because of the mistake of a Korean Netizen. He posted some of Jaebum’s messages in myspace saying that the singer hates Korea and it’s people and that he wants to go back to the states. It created an uproar amongst the Korean netizens even asking Jae to leave the country or commit suicide. This is what leads to his sudden decision of leaving 2PM and Korea. When the said netizen apologized, it was already too late because Jae was already gone. 2PM fans were at rage and they boycotted some product endorsements and concerts (?) because they want their old leader back. I heard speculations that  Jae might have a comeback as 2PM’s leader but I don’t really have high hopes about  that.


Now I know… Fans are the one’s that make and break their stars. They also have the power to destroy artists and they can be very violent at times.