No RimaHiko Moment on Valentine’s? *Sulks*

And I expected for it to happen? Huhuhu... :'(

In one of my previous posts, I talked about Rimahiko being a canon couple. It seems that the valentine’s episode that I am expecting will not be possible anymore. I found this news on an author’s note of a certain fanfic writer.

Shugo Chara Party will end on January

It’s just a rumor so I’m still hoping that the said episode will air. I’m quite sure that Amu and Ikuto will end up together but I want Nagi and Rima to end up together so that I can die a happy death.

And about the latest manga chapter…

Don’t you think Rima is jealous because Nagi said Amu likes him more than she likes Kairi?

I love the exchange between the two jacks.. Very Funny.. I never expected Kairi to be awed by Nagihiko’s Awshumneshh… New Yaoi couple? Hmm… Maybe.. *Squeals*


RimaHiko? A Canon Couple? Weee~

RimaHiko: My 2nd fave pairing in Shugo Chara

RimaHiko: My 2nd fave pairing in Shugo Chara

I know I already have 3 posts for today but I promise, this would be that last… for now…

While reading a fanfic, Meet Nadeshiko by wantingfreedom of, I found out something that I don’t know if I should believe or not…

RIMAHIKO IS GOING TO BE OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right!! They are going to be an on and off canon couple like Tadase X Amu X Ikuto for Season 3. In a recent interview Peach Pit said they are making a canon couple and it’s going to be Rima X Nagihiko!!! Also a person in Japan met up with Peach Pit and Peach Pit told them that there will be an episode in the anime where is VALENTINE’S DAY AND NAGIHIKO CONFESSES HIS FEELINGS TO RIMA AND SHE ACCEPTS AND THEY HUG!!!!

and I was like….

OMGisthattrue? somebeodyshootme!! Howtrueisthis? HOLY SMOKES!!! Thisfreakin’MADEMYDAY!!!

I was spazzing out like a crazy chipmunk…


I hope this information is real or else I will never EVER watch Shugo Chara again!!!

I’ll keep my fingers cross and hope for this shizz to happen…