My WonderGirls Member Rankings…

The WG version. This gonna be the last one for now because I still have something else to do….^^

1. SunYe

  • A leader with a great character. She also sings and dances well too. I can still the remember the time when she took care of TaeYeon when she was not feeling well during their Buttons Perf on Music Bank. She’s also  a good role model. She asked some of her fans to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti on her twitter.

2. Yoobin

  • The rapper of the group. I have a soft spot for rappers. They make a certain group awesome. If only SNSD has a rapper then it would be cool…. Tsk… Impossible…. Anyways, I like Binnie not only that she is a good rapper but also because she has an aura that makes any girl swoon (like me). She’s like a goddess because of her sexiness.

3. SunMi

  • The talented ALIEN of the group. She’s not really the best singer of the group but I like her awkwardness.. Mimi~ I’ll miss you…

4. YeEun

  • The best singer and the SHIKSHIN.. Hahahahah!! I love Shikshins!!!

And the bottom two….

5. SoHee

  • The same reason with Dara and Yoona….

6. Lim

  • I still don’t know her that much ‘coz she’s still not on the group yet but we’ll see if she can replace Mimi…



My 2NE1 Member Rankings…

After doing an SNSD version, I decided that I’ll also do one for 2NE1 and WG. And my favorite boy groups as well, if I still have time ‘coz I still have to focus on studying for my midterms.

Like what I said before… Rankings may change.. Except for number one…. And no reasons posted except for the top three… ‘coz I don’t want the fans of number four to bash me….

1. Lee “CL” Chaerin

  • She is Korea’s best and baddest girl rapper. She also has a good sense of style and she is a very charismatic leader like what the other blackjacks say about her. She’s also one of the youngest in the group but she’s more mature than the two eldest.  I love you Chaerin-ahh~

2. Gong “Minzy” Minji

  • The sweet Maknae of the group. She’s also a good rapper and the BEST dancer in the group and I love her because of that.

3. Park Bom

  • The girl with the best vocals in the group. I love her dorkiness and her love for food.

And last….

4. Park “Dara” Sandara

  • Ssantoki is also dorky.. And I like her for that… But………*cuts off*


My SNSD Member Rankings….

This is just my opinion…. I have reasons so keep your thoughts to your self…. And I don’t want to post some of the reasons because just like the old saying says, If you can’t say anything nice, just keep your thoughts to yourself… And My Geed!~ SNSD has a lot of members.. I don’t have enough time to explain…… the here Rankings may change…. Except for number one….

My top 4:

1. TaeYeon

  • There’s something in her voice that makes me feel weird. Her voice is so strong that it sends chills down to my spine. And that only happens when Taengoo sings. I like her not only that she’s a good singer but she’s also dorky.

2. SeoHyun

  • She’s the most innocent looking for me and the kindest member of the group. She’s also the sweetest. That’s the Maknae Seororo for you.

3, HyoYeon

  • I can’t understand why she receives the least love in SNSD. Come on people! She’s the BEST dancer in the group. She can be cute and dorky too.

4. SooYoung

  • The SHIKSHIN. I can see myself when I look at her. We both love FOOD.

In no particular order….

5. Sunny

6. Tiffany

7. Jessica

8. Yuri

And last….

9. Yoona