Yui And Taengoo FTW!!!

Now why would I put Taeng and Yui in the same post?

Yes, I love them both but that’s not the reason why…..
‘coz Taeng is gonna be in a MUSICAL (WOOT~)

And she’s gonna play Yui’s role Kaoru in Sun’s Song (Taiyou no Uta) the Musical.

Taiyou no uta is one of my favorite Japanese Movies. There’s a drama version with Erika Sawajiri as Kaoru but I have not seen it.

And I definitely love Good Bye Days

But if Taengoo’s gonna play Kaoru, I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it through because she’s a good singer.

And she fits the role of a girl who was not able to face the sun in her whole life because of her sickness. Her skin is so white.

But Yui in the movie plays the guitar. Will she be able to play her role?

Nah… Taeng said it herself @ ChinChin Radio that she’s started practicing how to play the guitar.

And all the practice she did will now be put into good use.

But I hope she’s okay because as far as I know, she’s got the busiest schedule among the 9 girls.

Aigoo~ Taengoo~ You also need some rest.

And for the guys who are afraid if there are kissing scenes in the musical, she said that she’s not sure if there will be kiss scenes.

But I’m totally okay with her kissing as long as the guy is hot.

And now, Taeng must heed some advice from Sica, who has experience in Musicals.

Yui did great in the movie. Comparisons are inevitable but I hope that Taeng will be able to do this.


Jpop and Kpop ftw!!



Happy Birthday TaeYeon!!!

I know it’s still tomorrow… But I won’t be updating so I’ll just type this today..


Hope you'll continue to guide the girls. You'll always be the LEADER, Umma Taeng... Hwaiting!!!

Taetae.. Continue being Soshi’s leader and may the dorkinessh always be wit u…

For me, you’re the best singer in SNSD and I hope you’ll gain more chingus in your radio shows….

And I hope that everything you wishe for will come true.



Nobody but TAENGOO can do it…. xD

Oldie but Goodie….

SooYoung tried so hard to reach Taeng’s high note in Kissing You…

Nobody can do that part best except TaeYeon…

Not even HeeChul, SunYe, SeungRi or Victoria can do that part perfectly (See Wonder Girls, Wonder Boys and F(x) Kissing you perfs and HeeChul dancing kissing you @ Chunji Radio w/ Sunny and Sungmin).

It’s okay SooYoung.. You’re still cute…. xD


Not a Sone But a TaeYeon-Biased Fan Girl

My One and Only.. In SNSD...

I’m not really an SNSD fan right now…

I just think that TaeYeon is awesome….

Though she made some mistakes in the past (which most of the antis took advantage of)…

I still like her…

She may not be perfect but she definitely has a good character…

And I don’t think she has undergone plastic surgery…

And her voice is different from some other singers that I have heard…

She doesn’t mind singing and dancing to other artists’ songs (YG, JYP, etc..)

And I also think that….

SHE SHOULD GO SOLO… SHE SHOULD LEAVE SNSD… And SM Entertainment for good…. (SONES. don’t kill me… It’s just my opinion..)

JYP would like to have her on his side….

Taengoo~ Leave SM ent. and go to JYPE….. The Wonder girls are part of that family…. I love TaeTae and the WG together….

Maknae Seororo, The dorky SooYoung, and the one-who-gets-the-less-love HyoYeon are part of the “members I appreciate” list too…


The KidLid is Stepping Down [Updated]…

Is this the end?

I guess it’s not a rumor at all…

There was a rumor that in an upcoming episode of Strong Heart, Our dearest Kid Leader, Taeyeon will announce that she is stepping down as the leader of SNSD.

I thought it was just a rumor so I ignored it.

But when I visited allkpop, there was a news saying that Taengoo quitting as the leader is no rumor at all. She confirmed the news her self.

She said that it’s because of a certain incident in their dorm… Hmmm.. I wonder what happened… I think I smell a fight… I hope not…

If she’s quitting then who’ll replace this adorkable, one-of-a-kind leader?

I guess it’ll either be Fany or Sica… Or maybe Yoona…

Well at least she’s not quitting SNSD…

TAENGOO Hwaiiting!!!

Credits to Allkpop for the news


TAE YEON is still SNSD’s leader… Though they have decided that there will no longer be an official leader:

Here’s an excerpt from allkpop news about the incident that happened that has made an uproar among SNSD fans:

The incident was where the girls gathered together for a 5 minute talk / meeting. During this talk, everyone looked at her and asked her why she’s not talking with the rest of the group lately. They said, “What’s up with you?” Which caused Taeyeon to go to her room and start crying. Sooyoung went into Taeyeon’s room and wanted to console and talk to her. During this chat, Taeyeon said, “Ok, that’s it. SNSD will no longer have a leader.” When they shared this information with the rest of the girls, the girls all agreed and said that’s fine / cool. They already assumed as if the group were acting without an official leader anyways. Taeyeon then said to the audience, “I thought the girls were going to say… NO! Please still be our leader but they didn’t…” After she said that the audience had a big laugh. However, as they continued talking the members eventually said that Taeyeon should still be leader, but it seems she has a heavy burden on her shoulders as leader.

So, SNSD has no official leader and they will all act as one… Kinda like 2PM w/o Jae…

So this clears up the no-leader issue and I’m so relieved that there was no fight amongst the members…

My thoughts:

Well, when I first encountered Girls’ Generation, I thought that Jessica was the leader but then I found out that Taeyeon was the leader. She doesn’t act like a leader in the first place. That’s what I like about her. She doesn’t want other people to recognize her as the leader. She has the down-to-earth attitude that every leader should have and for that, my respect for her has become bigger and it has made me like SNSD more….