Naniiii?! Shojo Jidaii datou?!

Ehhhhh?! O.O

Bikkurishita!!! O.O

SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae) will have their Japanese debut on September. Omomomomo!!

It is mor certain that they’ll end up like their sunbaes, CSJH & DBSK.

The former ventured Japan and failed while the latter became very successful but faced many problems concerning their contract.

And they’ll be working under Universal/Nayutawave records.

It’s too bad that they won’t be working under AVEX who was also responsible of Tohoshinki/DBSK’s and BoA’s fame in Japan.

And they have the face two of Jpop’s most powerful girl groups, Morning Musume and AKB48.

And I guess a lot of Jpop fans are not liking this idea too.

But with their single Oh! making a place in the Oricon, it might be a good sign. I think…..

Oh well, Ganbare!! Shojo Jidai!!

BTW, I’m quite nervous about their Japan debut. I do not know if they’ll be successful or not. And about their Nippon skills: Tiffany’s Japanese was HORRIBLE but I guess she’ll still improve. Good thing SeoHyun and SooYoung knows how to speak fluent Japanese.



Run DEVIL RUN!!! As in!!! NOW!!!


And also HyoYeon and Sunny…

But Soo is DEFINITELY a good rapper

And TAENG Stands out for me in the video (Taeganger here) Love all her singing parts….

This is still the Dance Version.. Will be looking forward to the Story Version…. (I’ll update this post when the story version is released).

Girls, you have left me BREATHLESS…..

Note: It’s a good thing Soshi released a song like this right? They should live up to their name: Girls’ Generation because they represent the girls of today. And this song promotes women empowerment (Which was brought to us by 2NE1 w/ their song I Don’t Care) so SoShi has definitely lived up to their name… Fighting!!!


Nobody but TAENGOO can do it…. xD

Oldie but Goodie….

SooYoung tried so hard to reach Taeng’s high note in Kissing You…

Nobody can do that part best except TaeYeon…

Not even HeeChul, SunYe, SeungRi or Victoria can do that part perfectly (See Wonder Girls, Wonder Boys and F(x) Kissing you perfs and HeeChul dancing kissing you @ Chunji Radio w/ Sunny and Sungmin).

It’s okay SooYoung.. You’re still cute…. xD


Morning Musume and So Nyuh Shi Dae are DIFFERENT.. So Stop the STUPID Cat Fights….

Morning Musume: ONe of Japan's pride

IDK Why the hell are people comparing these two groups….

Well, they do have similarities. They’re both girl groups. Their music genre is quite the same. They both have 9 member and they’re both composed of 9 (or more) cute Asian girls as members.

Well, it’s okay to compare the both of them but I hate it when I see comments like:

“Morning Musume is much better!! SNSD are MM copy cats…”

“LOL Don’t compare MM with SNSD… MM is shit compared to SoShi!!”

And some other rude comments…..

I can tolerate the fanwars going on amongst kpop fans (eg. Sones vs Blackjacks) but I really hate seeing fanwars between kpop and jpop fans. I love both genres so I don’t want to take sides.

So Nyuh Shi Dae: One of S.Korea's best

Yes, Morning Musume started earlier than SNSD but that doesn’t mean that SoShi is an MM rip-off…

And besides, they do have some differences:

-Morning Musume members come and go. New members added while some leaves the group. SNSD has only 9 members and is not by batch.

-MM has explored a greater variety of music compared to SNSD whose music always sticks to the cutesy genre (Except for the Genie MV. Cute and Sexy).

-SNSD has stronger bonds compared to the MM girls because they have known each other well unlike MM that always undergo members line-up change. Are the girls of the previous generations of MM even close? O.o

-You can remember SNSD members’ names quickly compared to the members of the *Counts 7 fingers * seven generations of Momusu…. Geebus.. Can’t even remember the first two generations.

-SNSD is a Korean girl group. MM is a Japanese girl group.

In SUM…. Morning Musume FANS or jpop fans and SONES or kpop fans must stop bashing each other *Bow*

To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you w/ my favorite MVs from SNSD and MM…

Sowoneul Marebwha~

Love the paper cuts…. xD

A remake of  Lee Sung Chul’s hit song…

One of my all time Morning Musume favorites… RAWR… Sekshii…

And my biases from both groups are:

Taengoo~ Aigooo~ Kiyeopda~

TAEYEON (SNSD)- She’ll always be the KID LEADER… No matter what happens…


Gyaboo~ Koha-Chaaan~ TT TT

KOHARU KUSUMI (Morning Musume)- It’s kinda sad that she graduated. She became my favorite member because of her role as Kirarin in Kirarin Revolution. I’ll miss her….. TT TT


Akatsuki Generation: ROFLMAO!!! XD

Akatsuki: We're Genie For Your Wish............ xD

Not mine… A friend of mine posted it on her wall on Facebook…..

To the one who made this: You’re an effing genius!! Hahahahah!!

Itachi as Yoona.. Hahahah… A perfect fit…

Yoona is the face of SNSD and Itachi is also the most popular member of Akatsuki IMO….

Sica should be Tobi IMO….


And Deidara as TaeYeon.. I love it!! Deidara is my fave in Akatsuki While TaeTae ish my fave in SNSD…

Sasori as Tiffany

Pein as Jessica

Kakuzu as SooYoung

Zetsu as Sunny??? (LOL)

Kisame as SeoHyun

Hidan as Yuri

Tobi as HyoYeon??? (Hmmm.)

What if Orochimaru was in this pic??

Nah.. Impossible…

Girls’ Generation has only 9 members while Akatsuki has 10.. And Orochi left…

But I would be LOLing so hard if I see him in the ‘Genie’ outfit….

I just want to share it here on my blog ‘coz it’s Effing Epic!! Kekekekeke… 😀


Culture Shocked: Is This How Stardom in Korea Work?! O.O

Girls Generation a.k.a. So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD: Aww~ Why would some people hate these cuties?

I am new to this so-called Kpop love thingy and I have a lot to learn about how the entertainment industry in Korea works. But I also found out how much influence the fans and the netizens in Korea have.

They can send any star into death or make them leave the country for good.

I was just exaggerating about the death part (Maybe not).  It’s quite scary how things work in there. If one becomes a star, you can either have fans or even Antis.

One group famous for having a lot on antis and fans is the So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girls Generation) also known as SNSD for the international fans. I found out that there was a silent protest for them for last year’s Dream Concert. Fans of other groups like SuJu, DBSK, and ss501 turned off their light sticks and refused  to cheer for them while performing. Others were also booing at them. Most of the  fans were at rage and started terrorizing/harassing the fan girls of the other groups and tearing down posters of the other fan clubs (Scary much). The Soshi antis also made petitions for them to disband like: Be Strong ’til all 9 are gone. It’s a good thing that they were able to make up for this year’s dream concert and the other fans also respected their performance and also cheered for them. There is really a long list for why their antis hate them. Some reasons are their misinterpreted actions, some little slips of their tongues and for stupid reasons like: “I hate them! They’re too close to my boybands “ . 2009 is really good for them because I don’t hear a lot of bashing for them anymore and they also have a lot of projects this year like the solo concert that they will be having on December. I also heard that the tickets for their concert was sold out in just three minutes. Pretty cool huh? This only shows that they have a lot of fans in Korea and that they’re also loved by the netizens there. This year was really a big comeback for them although 2Ne1 is probably the best group for this year.

Jaebum: 2PM's charismatic ex-leader

I’m not really a big fan of 2PM and I never listen to their songs but I can’t help but pity their leader ex-leader Jaebum. He went back to the US because of the mistake of a Korean Netizen. He posted some of Jaebum’s messages in myspace saying that the singer hates Korea and it’s people and that he wants to go back to the states. It created an uproar amongst the Korean netizens even asking Jae to leave the country or commit suicide. This is what leads to his sudden decision of leaving 2PM and Korea. When the said netizen apologized, it was already too late because Jae was already gone. 2PM fans were at rage and they boycotted some product endorsements and concerts (?) because they want their old leader back. I heard speculations that  Jae might have a comeback as 2PM’s leader but I don’t really have high hopes about  that.


Now I know… Fans are the one’s that make and break their stars. They also have the power to destroy artists and they can be very violent at times.