Yui And Taengoo FTW!!!

Now why would I put Taeng and Yui in the same post?

Yes, I love them both but that’s not the reason why…..
‘coz Taeng is gonna be in a MUSICAL (WOOT~)

And she’s gonna play Yui’s role Kaoru in Sun’s Song (Taiyou no Uta) the Musical.

Taiyou no uta is one of my favorite Japanese Movies. There’s a drama version with Erika Sawajiri as Kaoru but I have not seen it.

And I definitely love Good Bye Days

But if Taengoo’s gonna play Kaoru, I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it through because she’s a good singer.

And she fits the role of a girl who was not able to face the sun in her whole life because of her sickness. Her skin is so white.

But Yui in the movie plays the guitar. Will she be able to play her role?

Nah… Taeng said it herself @ ChinChin Radio that she’s started practicing how to play the guitar.

And all the practice she did will now be put into good use.

But I hope she’s okay because as far as I know, she’s got the busiest schedule among the 9 girls.

Aigoo~ Taengoo~ You also need some rest.

And for the guys who are afraid if there are kissing scenes in the musical, she said that she’s not sure if there will be kiss scenes.

But I’m totally okay with her kissing as long as the guy is hot.

And now, Taeng must heed some advice from Sica, who has experience in Musicals.

Yui did great in the movie. Comparisons are inevitable but I hope that Taeng will be able to do this.


Jpop and Kpop ftw!!



Bleach Movie 3- Fade to Black, I call your name: It was good, but not the best

I don't have a decent screenshot for pete's sake!! I hope this will do...

I don't have a decent screenshot for pete's sake!! I hope this will do...

After waiting for about 9 months, Bleach movie 3 subbed version is finally out on the net (I don’t know if I am late or something but hey! I just saw the link yesterday so for me, it was just released yesterday). I was so excited for this movie to be released because the main focus would be Rukia and I was also hoping that there would be a lot of IchiRuki moments (Oh I forgot, I already switched to IchiHime but I just can’t help watching those two. They look so funny and cute together).

Overall, the story was good. It’s about Rukia and two siblings who have been possessed by some hollow who erases people’s memories and Rukia eventually forgets about the two. I think the movie-only characters was quite awesome especially the one with the death scythe ‘coz he reminds me of my beloved Ikuto from Shugo Chara. And we also get to see Urahara-taichou back in action ‘coz Mayuri went nuts in the movie and he was confined in a jail so Urahara had to replace him. Oops! Spoiler. Heheheheh… And surprisingly, Kon had a big role in the movie too. And my Toshirou-kun was also there.. Hehehehe… A Bleach Movie without Hitsugaya on it would never be a good Bleach movie. And lastly, my favorite part would be the Ichigo vs. possessed Rukia part because it had the IchiRuki-ness in it and for the last time I’m an IchiHime shipper!

This is my second (Yes, 2nd) favorite Bleach movie. It has a good story but it’s not that good to match up eith the second one and the animation suddenly turns to be suckish sometimes. The first one of course would be the 2nd movie ‘coz My Toushirou is teh starrr of that movie and I think that it has a better story compared to the other two. The first one was also okay but not really my favorite.

Okay, so the previous movie was about Hitsugaya. the next movie was Rukia. So the third lucky character that will be teh star on the next movie would be… DUN DUN DUN DUN

I don’t know… I have no Idea… Heheheh..

And now, I’m waiting for the 3rd shippuden movie ‘coz Kakashi’s teh star of zat movie…