I LOVE DongBangJunior

Proclaiming my love to my TOP 3....

I know… I suck at Hangul…

I just want to proclaim my love for these three groups..

Made with Photofiltre….

I am a proud CassieVIPElf





And now… I’m officially retarded… Thanks to K-pop….

SuJu by happydOrk of deviantart

SuJu by happydOrk of deviantart

It all started when I had a stupid argument with my elder sister. We argued about which is better: Kpop or Jpop.

She told me that Jpop is crap. All the singers are trying so hard to speak English but ends up speaking Engrish and that Japanese people are ugly. She also insisted that Kpop has more good looking guys and girls and the lyrics of Kpop songs are more understandable compared to shitty (Sorry) Jpop ones.

I tried to make a rebuttal but I hate to admit that…

She does have a point… Bleh! But I still think that Japanese songs are nice…

Recently, Korean songs have been extremely popular here in the Philippines. Some Korean artists also made their way to radio show countdowns and daily top 10 shows (e.g. 2ne1, Wonder girls). And it’s also quite annoying because I keep on hearing Korean songs being played numerous times already resulting to me having a case of LSS (Last Song Syndrome).

BIGBANG by Jarr07 of deviantart

BIGBANG by Jarr07 of deviantart

I don’t want to admit that I’m starting to like Kpop in front of my sister. She’ll only tease me and tell me that I’m not consistent with what I like (Stupid sister!). And right now, I am soo in love with Super Junior’s Kibum and Bigbang’s Top and GDragon. I love them!

I love Kpop… And Jpop too…