2 Different Tears MV=DAEBAK!!!

They’re BACK!!!

And hey, Newbie Hae is not that bad too. Love her English part BTW.

The English one is the BEST version.

And LOLOLOL @ JYP’s Blond wig.

And WOW! it’s Number one in its immediate release? KEWLL.

Wonder Girls DAEBAK!!

And I hope Mimi will return to them. Soon.



Hey, Give Lim a Chance….

SunMi’s replacement Lim has officially joined the WonderGirls…

And she’s been receiving a lot of hate heat lately…. Tsk….

Why won’t other fans give her a chance…

Though I gotta say SunMi had better vocals than her… And she’s pettier than her…

But we gotta give Lim a chance to show what she’s got….

This was Lim’s Pre-debut dance video…

She danced to Rihanna’s Let Me…

And it has the same choreo as 2NE1’s pre-debut vid with the same song..Tsk…

So I guess not only the Wonderfuls will be hating her…. But the Blackjacks as well? *Sigh*

Seriously people, give the poor girl a chance….

LIM FIGHTING!!! And SUNMI TOO!!! When she finishes her studies, she’ll join again to the now 6-member Wonder Girls.


My WonderGirls Member Rankings…

The WG version. This gonna be the last one for now because I still have something else to do….^^

1. SunYe

  • A leader with a great character. She also sings and dances well too. I can still the remember the time when she took care of TaeYeon when she was not feeling well during their Buttons Perf on Music Bank. She’s also  a good role model. She asked some of her fans to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti on her twitter.

2. Yoobin

  • The rapper of the group. I have a soft spot for rappers. They make a certain group awesome. If only SNSD has a rapper then it would be cool…. Tsk… Impossible…. Anyways, I like Binnie not only that she is a good rapper but also because she has an aura that makes any girl swoon (like me). She’s like a goddess because of her sexiness.

3. SunMi

  • The talented ALIEN of the group. She’s not really the best singer of the group but I like her awkwardness.. Mimi~ I’ll miss you…

4. YeEun

  • The best singer and the SHIKSHIN.. Hahahahah!! I love Shikshins!!!

And the bottom two….

5. SoHee

  • The same reason with Dara and Yoona….

6. Lim

  • I still don’t know her that much ‘coz she’s still not on the group yet but we’ll see if she can replace Mimi…


Good Luck to My Mimi and Welcome to the Newest Member of WG

I'll surely miss this cute alien....

SunMi, My favorite Alien from WG, decided to quit and pursue her dreams of finishing her studies..

It’s quite sad but if she decided it, then I’ll give her my full support… Huhuhuhu.. Mimi~ I’ll miss this Dork….

I wish her nothing but the best… I hope her dreams of invading saving the earth will be achieved

And I hope she does come back as she finishes her studies because the Wonder Girls will never be the same without her…

The only alien who is obsessed with Taengoo the earth.. And by obsessed meaning she loves to save it… Not Invade it..

And welcome to the newest addition to the WonderGirls, Lim… She can’t replace Mimi but I hope that she’ll do great…^^