I Made this Post at exactly 2:05 in the Morning And I was Supposed to be Sleeping But I’m Not

And I still have to go to school...... Later....

Stupid title for a stupid post….

I’ve been staying up to late right now.

I actually have reasons:

1.) I can’t sleep ‘coz I’ve been reading a lot of stuff related to American and Japanese murders lately. What I have read was so disturbing that I can’t really go to sleep right now. I don’t know why it’s bothering me so much. Maybe it’s I feel  sorry for the victims (Mostly young women and children) because the don’t deserve to receive such misfortunes. I’m known for being a heartless girl who loves anything related to horror and suspense but I also have a soft spot for children.

2.) I am contemplating on whether to make my Biology report which is due tomorrow or not. My procrastination has already gone too far.

3.) I volunteered in making my brother’s assignment so that I can have an excuse for using the computer. I am soo going to heaven (borrowed taht from Bandslam).

And last….

4.)  I officially became addicted to Plants vs. Zombies so I ended up playing it…. I had to use the alt+Tab too much just to switch from the game to the web browser and Microsft word. The Zombies kept on eating my brain.

After typing this post.. Maybe I’ll go to sleep…….. Good night… I mean… Morning……..



Christmas Break: I Need To Watch More Ghibli Flicks

I have seen almost all of Miyazaki and Takahata sensei's works.. It's time to see the unseen flicks.. And besides, it's christmas so watching Ghibli movies would be a great idea...

It’s finally Christmas break

And I need to something to keep myself away from bed…

Watching other Ghibli movies that I have not seen might be a good idea…

Here’s the list of the Ghibli Movies that I have not yet seen because I thought they are not interesting:

-Porco Rosso

-Ocean Waves

-Pom poko

-My Neighbor the Yamadas

-Tales of the Earthsea

-Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea

How can I call myself a Ghibli Maniac when I have not even seen all of their movies…

But I still have to search for sites that stream Ghibli movies… They’re VERY RARE… And I don’t trust torrents…

—-> Kurisumasu is almost here Minna!!<—-

2nd Semester, Blogging Status & A Few Rants


Guess I'll be drinking a lot of coffee from now on... *sigh*

Finally, it’s already the 2nd semester of my first year in college which means in a few months, it will finally be over (Well, technically not because I’m still a freshman).

But the sad part is, My schedule is LOADED so I will not be able to update my blog for a while… I guess…

And I have to exert extra effort for my Math 01 and my Biology class because by the looks of it, these subjects might cause my downfall.


And lately, I’ve been running out of blogging ideas. I don’t know what to type. Am I the lost member procrastinators’ club? And I also signed up in Fanfiction.net because I’m planning (And by planning, meaning not sure)  to write a fanfic because a friend challenged me to do one. Plus, to kill some time, I began coloring manga pages which will posted in my next entry.

I guess I’ll be away from my PC for a while and I’ll be spending my time studying .

sembreak… Sembreak…SEMBREAK!!! but why is it so boring in here?!

I guess Haibara is not the only one who's bored in here... Hmmm...

I guess Haibara is not the only one who's bored in here... Hmmm...

The first semester of my first year in college is finally OVER…

And all I have to worry about is the result of my so-called industriousness ‘coz I don’t know if I can still move on through college or I will stop going to school because of my poor grades. Well, I don’t have any worries about my other subjects ‘coz I am quite sure that I passed them, except for my Chemistry 1.1 Lecture and my my Chem Lab. Stupid subjects, what do those two have to do with my chosen field, Psychology.

I’ll surely miss my new found friends in college. They left me behind so that they can pursue a career in crime fighting (Yes, they joined the PNPA also known as the training grounds for police-wannabes). I hope can meet new companions in my journey through college (It’s not like I don’t like my previous block mates, I’m just too shy in trying to start a conversation in any of them). But so far, I’m liking my stay and I think I chose the right course.

Back to my sembreak rant. Yeah, the first semester is finally over. Yeah, all the stupid school works and home works are done. But why is it soo boring in here?

And that’s not my only concern, it’s too short. Two weeks? how am I suppose to have fun with that? Plus I also have to prepare for the upcoming Math placement exams because I don’t want to go through Math 01 (A.K.A. going over all the lessons you’ve learned in high school).

So, here are the possible things that I might do for the break

1. Read manga online and catch up with all the chapters that I’ve missed ever since I stepped into college (And staying in the computer for hours which ends up in me getting scolded for being in the computer for too long.)

2. Watch anime online and catch up with the Naruto and Bleach episodes (I can do that… but it’s the same with reading manga online.)

3. Study for the placement exam (I heard from other students that it’s really hard.. ooh!! Scary bananas…)

4. Re-watch anime DVDs (Boooring!!! but this will do..)

5. Sleep… Eat… And then sleep again… (I’LL GET FAT!!!)

6. Play video games (Hmmm… maybe)

7. Go out for some walk (Yeah… ‘Coz I need some exercise)

And some other stuff…

There are still many things that I can do for the break. I guess I’ll just have to manage my priorities and make sure that I won’t be wasting my time so that I can make this sembreak worthwhile.