2 Different Tears MV=DAEBAK!!!

They’re BACK!!!

And hey, Newbie Hae is not that bad too. Love her English part BTW.

The English one is the BEST version.

And LOLOLOL @ JYP’s Blond wig.

And WOW! it’s Number one in its immediate release? KEWLL.

Wonder Girls DAEBAK!!

And I hope Mimi will return to them. Soon.



My WonderGirls Member Rankings…

The WG version. This gonna be the last one for now because I still have something else to do….^^

1. SunYe

  • A leader with a great character. She also sings and dances well too. I can still the remember the time when she took care of TaeYeon when she was not feeling well during their Buttons Perf on Music Bank. She’s also  a good role model. She asked some of her fans to help the victims of the earthquake in Haiti on her twitter.

2. Yoobin

  • The rapper of the group. I have a soft spot for rappers. They make a certain group awesome. If only SNSD has a rapper then it would be cool…. Tsk… Impossible…. Anyways, I like Binnie not only that she is a good rapper but also because she has an aura that makes any girl swoon (like me). She’s like a goddess because of her sexiness.

3. SunMi

  • The talented ALIEN of the group. She’s not really the best singer of the group but I like her awkwardness.. Mimi~ I’ll miss you…

4. YeEun

  • The best singer and the SHIKSHIN.. Hahahahah!! I love Shikshins!!!

And the bottom two….

5. SoHee

  • The same reason with Dara and Yoona….

6. Lim

  • I still don’t know her that much ‘coz she’s still not on the group yet but we’ll see if she can replace Mimi…