Run Soshi Run!!!

Black Soshi: Run Devil Run

I heard Kesha did a song with the same title and tune as this… But I also heard that SNSD is the original artist and Kesha just made a sample…. Sheesh~ I don’t know what to believe….

Hmmm… But the song plus the teaser is interesting….

Will be looking forward to the MV tomorrow….

But I don’t know who sings what part yet…. Even their singing style has changed. I only recognized Tae’s part and she has impressed me again with her singing prowess…

And yet again… Yoona is in the center.. Tsk….



Yui And Taengoo FTW!!!

Now why would I put Taeng and Yui in the same post?

Yes, I love them both but that’s not the reason why…..
‘coz Taeng is gonna be in a MUSICAL (WOOT~)

And she’s gonna play Yui’s role Kaoru in Sun’s Song (Taiyou no Uta) the Musical.

Taiyou no uta is one of my favorite Japanese Movies. There’s a drama version with Erika Sawajiri as Kaoru but I have not seen it.

And I definitely love Good Bye Days

But if Taengoo’s gonna play Kaoru, I’m sure she’ll be able to pull it through because she’s a good singer.

And she fits the role of a girl who was not able to face the sun in her whole life because of her sickness. Her skin is so white.

But Yui in the movie plays the guitar. Will she be able to play her role?

Nah… Taeng said it herself @ ChinChin Radio that she’s started practicing how to play the guitar.

And all the practice she did will now be put into good use.

But I hope she’s okay because as far as I know, she’s got the busiest schedule among the 9 girls.

Aigoo~ Taengoo~ You also need some rest.

And for the guys who are afraid if there are kissing scenes in the musical, she said that she’s not sure if there will be kiss scenes.

But I’m totally okay with her kissing as long as the guy is hot.

And now, Taeng must heed some advice from Sica, who has experience in Musicals.

Yui did great in the movie. Comparisons are inevitable but I hope that Taeng will be able to do this.


Jpop and Kpop ftw!!


YG… You have Impressed Me Again w/ 2 MVs….

2NE1’s TRY TO FOLLOW ME MV… Yes..It’s Try to Follow me… Not Copy me…

The girls have shown their choreographic prowess…

Fave parts: Vader Dara chasing storm troopers CL and Minzy and everything w/ CL on it….

❤ the Star Wars Hat… Esp. the R2D2 one….

BIGBANG’s Lollipop 2 MV

Not as good as the first one (Maybe ‘coz 2NE1 was on it) but it’s okay…

Good to see T.O.P. dancing….. xD

And the Lollipop girl’s kinda pretty… (At first, I thought it was F(x)’s Sulli ‘coz of the hair…)

YG… You’re the hippest boss evarr…. Hands down…

And now, waiting for the ‘Black Soshi’ MV to be released on MArch 18…..


Happy Birthday TaeYeon!!!

I know it’s still tomorrow… But I won’t be updating so I’ll just type this today..


Hope you'll continue to guide the girls. You'll always be the LEADER, Umma Taeng... Hwaiting!!!

Taetae.. Continue being Soshi’s leader and may the dorkinessh always be wit u…

For me, you’re the best singer in SNSD and I hope you’ll gain more chingus in your radio shows….

And I hope that everything you wishe for will come true.



Nobody but TAENGOO can do it…. xD

Oldie but Goodie….

SooYoung tried so hard to reach Taeng’s high note in Kissing You…

Nobody can do that part best except TaeYeon…

Not even HeeChul, SunYe, SeungRi or Victoria can do that part perfectly (See Wonder Girls, Wonder Boys and F(x) Kissing you perfs and HeeChul dancing kissing you @ Chunji Radio w/ Sunny and Sungmin).

It’s okay SooYoung.. You’re still cute…. xD


Morning Musume and So Nyuh Shi Dae are DIFFERENT.. So Stop the STUPID Cat Fights….

Morning Musume: ONe of Japan's pride

IDK Why the hell are people comparing these two groups….

Well, they do have similarities. They’re both girl groups. Their music genre is quite the same. They both have 9 member and they’re both composed of 9 (or more) cute Asian girls as members.

Well, it’s okay to compare the both of them but I hate it when I see comments like:

“Morning Musume is much better!! SNSD are MM copy cats…”

“LOL Don’t compare MM with SNSD… MM is shit compared to SoShi!!”

And some other rude comments…..

I can tolerate the fanwars going on amongst kpop fans (eg. Sones vs Blackjacks) but I really hate seeing fanwars between kpop and jpop fans. I love both genres so I don’t want to take sides.

So Nyuh Shi Dae: One of S.Korea's best

Yes, Morning Musume started earlier than SNSD but that doesn’t mean that SoShi is an MM rip-off…

And besides, they do have some differences:

-Morning Musume members come and go. New members added while some leaves the group. SNSD has only 9 members and is not by batch.

-MM has explored a greater variety of music compared to SNSD whose music always sticks to the cutesy genre (Except for the Genie MV. Cute and Sexy).

-SNSD has stronger bonds compared to the MM girls because they have known each other well unlike MM that always undergo members line-up change. Are the girls of the previous generations of MM even close? O.o

-You can remember SNSD members’ names quickly compared to the members of the *Counts 7 fingers * seven generations of Momusu…. Geebus.. Can’t even remember the first two generations.

-SNSD is a Korean girl group. MM is a Japanese girl group.

In SUM…. Morning Musume FANS or jpop fans and SONES or kpop fans must stop bashing each other *Bow*

To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you w/ my favorite MVs from SNSD and MM…

Sowoneul Marebwha~

Love the paper cuts…. xD

A remake of  Lee Sung Chul’s hit song…

One of my all time Morning Musume favorites… RAWR… Sekshii…

And my biases from both groups are:

Taengoo~ Aigooo~ Kiyeopda~

TAEYEON (SNSD)- She’ll always be the KID LEADER… No matter what happens…


Gyaboo~ Koha-Chaaan~ TT TT

KOHARU KUSUMI (Morning Musume)- It’s kinda sad that she graduated. She became my favorite member because of her role as Kirarin in Kirarin Revolution. I’ll miss her….. TT TT


Maria Sama Ga Miteru: The Only Yuri Anime That I Can Swallow

Yes.. I like to watch this show.. Even though I despise Yuri/Shoujo Ai the Most.

I’m not really a big fan of same-sex animes. Matter of fact, I don’t like watching Yuri. I don’t see the reason why some people like watching two girls kissing or touching each other. And LOL, there are even girls who are straight yet they enjoy watching these kinds of shows.

I have nothing against these shows.. No offense to fans…

But I do watch Maria Sama Ga Miteru or  Marimite for short. I really enjoy the show and I don’t even know why.


-because of Sachiko’s strong aura that got me attracted to the show,

-Or Yumi can be an airhead sometimes

-Or Satou Sei had made me gay because of her cool character

-Touko is a perfect example of a Tsundere

-I find the friendship of the girls cute (Not the skinship).


But who cares, I watch what I want to watch. And I don’t really see any yuri interactions in the show (Except Sei & Shiori’s story and note that yuri id different from shoujo ai). The pictures of the ending themes show suggestive yuri though but I ignore it and think of it as not part of the show.

But seriously, I find the idea of students of an all-girl Catholic school hitting on each other very funny.